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The 12 Best Credit Card Signup Bonuses Right Now

Sep 11 2018

There’s no quicker and easier way to earn a large amount of miles quickly than with a new credit card. And before the holidays is the perfect time to get one, because it’s even easier than the rest of the year to meet the minimum spending required to earn signup bonuses.

Every month I post what I find are the best signup bonus offers out there. Over the past several months we’ve seen several new cards and new offers. Right now there’s incredible competition to get your attention and encourage you to sign up for very rich offers. How can we say no?

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Offers I Don’t Think Will Be Around for Long, If You’re Interested Act Now

Jul 18 2018

There are several offers right now that I don’t think are going to last. Some we know won’t. Others banks have hinted they won’t. And in some cases we can make that bet based on past experience.

Usually there aren’t this many heightened offers at once, it’s an embarassment of riches, largely I think because it’s getting harder and harder to get consumer attention, banks need to spend more to acquire customers and it’s a highly competitive environment, when one product increases its offer others respond in kind.

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Chase Launched a New Hyatt Card. I Plan to Get it — Great For Anyone That Likes Hyatts

Jun 28 2018

When Hyatt re-launched their loyalty program last year, their credit card was no longer useful for earning top tier elite status. And since Hyatt is a Chase transfer partner, it was no longer the most rewarding card for spending at Hyatt’s hotels, even. Both of those problems change today.

I am a current Hyatt credit card customer, although recently I haven’t been spending on the card. I am going to upgrade to this new card, and I plan to put a lot of spending on it.

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3 New Chase Cards and What’s Behind Each

May 31 2018

Chase has launched three new cards in the past two months, and they’ve made aggressive acquisition offers for each one. Even though credit card deals are more expensive for banks than ever, they’re showing no signs of slowing down on their spending to bring customers into the bank – and even to bring more spending into the bank from existing customers.

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What’s in My Wallet, and the Strategy Behind It to Earn Rich Points and Perks

Jan 09 2018

Since I offer advice on earning frequent flyer miles, often with credit cards and sometimes other financial techniques, I think it’s only fair to take an ‘open kimono approach’ with my own strategies.

And the best way to do that is to share with you my wallet. Because that will shows you what I carry with me through my daily life, and is a great opportunity to explain my thinking about each choice I make — a choice that’s constrained by space and so reveals a lot about me.

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17 of My Favorite Frequent Flyer Award Booking Values

Jun 25 2017

The price of an award ticket can vary tremendously. That’s because the same flight will be ‘sold’ for different mileage prices depending on the frequent flyer program you’re using to book it.

As a result there are what some would consider ‘tricks’ to get your awards at the lowest possible cost. Here are 17 of my favorite.

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The Best Card Offer Right Now That Many Of You Can’t Get

Jun 14 2017

This card launched around 8 months ago with a big signup bonus and strong points-earning. But it’s a $95 annual fee card, not a $450 annual fee card.

It comes with an 80,000 Point Signup Bonus: Spend $5000 on your new card within 3 months and you’ll get 80,000 points. As you’ll see below, that can even be enough for a roundtrip business class award ticket between the US and Europe.

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Put Away That Airline Miles Credit Card!

Dec 15 2016

When you put unbonused spend on a mileage-earning credit card you are basically buying those points for two cents each — the opportunity cost of putting the spending on a 2% cash back card — and that’s likely a mistake since most people wouldn’t buy miles for 2 cents each.

Folks who only want to use their points for domestic coach tickets should probably choose cash back, and buy their tickets, rather than limiting themselves to award availability because most of the time you won’t do better than 2 cents a point for those redemptions.

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