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United Diverts Flight Because They Put Another Dog on Wrong Plane

Mar 17 2018

Last week United forced a passenger to stow their puppy in an overhead bin, killing it. And then they sent a family dog to Japan by mistake.

United kills more dogs than any other airline, and they lose more dogs than anyone else does too. And whoops they did it again, but they’re going to extreme lengths to limit the PR damage… all without acknowledging they have a problem.

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Earn Up to 150,000 Avios, Not Subject to 5/24

Mar 16 2018

Chase won’t approve many people who have opened 5 or more new accounts within the previous 24 months for some of their credit cards. That’s frequently referred to as “5/24.”

However some cards are exempt from 5/24, and the number of new accounts you’ve had in the last two years won’t disqualify you from being approved.

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