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KLM Publicly Opposes Breastfeeding, Same Sex Couples Holding Hands

Jul 19 2019

Boy what a rough past week for KLM in social media as a result of three separate instances of self-pwnage.

The first incident is dumb, airlines don’t question the safety of air travel, that’s been a basic rule since the earliest days. However the second and third instances may be more revealing than they may seem at first blush — culturally and institutionally rather than saying something unique to the airline itself.

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Chase Points Transfers are Earning IHG Rewards Club Status

hotel room
Jul 18 2019

I wouldn’t go transferring over 75,000 points to earn IHG’s top Spire Elite status, since the opportunity cost of those points is quite high. It could make sense to top off an account that has already earned quite a few points in order to get there. And you could use IHG’s status to status match to another hotel chain though bear in mind that Hyatt doesn’t currently match this way.

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New Best Ever Offer for American Express Hilton Surpass Card

hotel couch
Jul 18 2019

I think that very frequent business travelers do best with Marriott — or even better with Hyatt if they can make the smaller chain’s footprint work. However for folks who get their status with a credit card Hilton is unbeatable.

I wrote a month and a half ago that American Express would be renaming their ‘Honors Ascend Card’ to bring back the old Hilton Honors American Express Surpass Card name. Well, they’ve done so and they’ve done it with the best-ever initial bonus for the card.

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United, American and Delta CEOs are Meeting With President Trump This Afternoon to Pick Your Pockets

man speaking on microphone
Jul 18 2019

Impossible to Parody. The CEOs of United, Delta, and American are meeting with President Trump this afternoon to promote protectionism and argue that the U.S. should abrogate its treaty obligations with the U.A.E. and Qatar because those smaller airlines receive subsidies from their home countries — an argument the carriers have spent the past four years making without credibility or success.

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American Airlines Flight Attendant Threatens to Make Life Difficult for Asian Woman Returning to the U.S.

passport getting stamped
Jul 17 2019

According to the passenger the family was filming the flight attendant because they found her rude on the plane.

Apparently the mother in the family had fallen ill and sought direction on “properly dispos[ing] of her throw up” and the family claims that the flight attendant responded “oh please I’ve been dealing with you people for 30 years.” They also claim the flight attendant followed up on her threat with customs staff.

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