Capital One Did NOT Announce an End to Their 10 Miles Per Dollar Partnership

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Yesterday Doctor of Credit wrote that Capital One would be ending the Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card‘s 10 miles per dollar earning with This was sourced to Award Wallet which claimed that “Capital One has announced” this, and it’s since been picked up by Frequent Miler citing back to Doctor of Credit. Only it is not exactly accurate.

Capital One Venture Value Proposition

Currently you can enjoy a one-time bonus of 50,000 miles once you spend $3,000 on purchases within 3 months from account opening a new Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card.

In addition the card lets you earn 10X miles on hotels booked at and you will receive up to a $100 application fee credit for Global Entry or Pre✓®. The card as a $0 intro annual fee for first year; $95 after that.

Capital One has introduced the ability to transfer their miles to a variety of different airlines. That’s a game changer because the Capital One Venture is now a double threat. When you spend on the card you earn your choice of:

  • 2% back towards paid travel with Purchase Eraser, or
  • Up to 1.5 airline frequent flyer miles per dollar spent on everyday purchases or up to 7.5 airline frequent flyer miles per dollar spent on bookings made at (through January 2020)

That’s on all of your purchases, every day, without requiring any special category bonuses at all. That’s why Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card is the new best personal card for everyday spending.

The Benefit and Published End Date

Capital One has a booking benefit which stacks with’s own program. gives you what amounts to a 10% rebate on your hotel spend after each 10 nights. When you pay with your Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card through the designated page you earn 10 miles per dollar with the credit card, too. I view this as being an effective rebate of 20%.

In order to receive 10 miles per dollar from Capital One for bookings through, the booking needs to be made through the designated website That way isn’t paying anyone else a commission on bookings (such as a cash back website). And you have to pay with your Venture card, not with gift cards which can sometimes be purchased at a discount. (If you can buy gift cards at 15% off face value that’s going to be a better deal.)

Capital One publishes an end date of the benefit (“through January 2020”). That is not new information, and does not mean that the relationship won’t be extended.

Instead the current agreement between the parties appears to run that long. I believe they publish this because we’re within a year of the end date of the agreement and they want to give new cardmembers notice that it could end (they wouldn’t need to give this much notice to existing cardmembers).

In other words, it’s possible that the benefit could early next year, but this has not been announced. I checked with Capital One and they confirmed they’ve made no such announcement.

Royal Suite, Burj Al Arab Dubai offers great rewards when you’re booking non-chain hotels. I also think it’s great to consider for non-elite hotel program loyalty members, because even though you give up hotel points those points aren’t worth as much as the program 10% rebate.

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  1. […] It’s been stated for a while now that the benefit of the Capital One Venture card wherein you can earn 10x Venture miles (now transferable to airlines) is valid through January 2020. That’s when the benefit is currently set to expire, though it may or not be renewed. Recently a number of sites took this to mean the benefit IS ENDING, which is completely unconfirmed. Gary Leff explains… […]

  2. […] VFTW is reporting that Capital One has made no announcement that this benefit was ending and that the end date of January 31st, 2020 was only added because it’s within one year of the current expiration of the deal between Capital One & Similarly that also means that they haven’t announced any extension to that contract, but the way it reads is that it will be extended at some stage. In reality it doesn’t really matter as buying gift cards at a deep discount is the better play. […]


  1. Since the Venture points can be transferred or simply exchanged for .02 each, you’re getting a minimum 20% cash back on bookings. So the 15%-off gift cards are only a better deal if you’re getting more than an additional 5% cash equivalent on the gift card purchase.

  2. @shza, don’t you get rewards night with giftcards too? So, you get 10% back, plus the 15% off the giftcard you bought?

  3. @HT, but you get the rewards night with Venture too, so call it 30% cash back versus 25%. You’d still need to make up the 5% getting bonused on buying the giftcard.

  4. The HOTELS.COM x10 benefit may be phoney.

    Last night, I searched Kayak for a room in Spain. had the joint lowest nightly rate for my hotel-of-choice so I went to (in a new browser instance) and tried to book the same hotel. The nightly rate had increased by almost exactly 10%.

    I went back to Kayak and selected there. The price was at the new (10% higher price). The system had tracked me changing browser instances (cookies or IP address).

    The other providers still had the original room rate.

    So may be financing the 10% discount with an increase in room rates by the same amount. The savings from the Capital One card are completely phoney.

    I have never seen a reviewer do this test. Has anyone among the end users seen it (or contrary) evidence?

  5. @L3 Re: Capital One.
    I cleared browsing history and the hotel rate went back down 10%.

    So, to save on hotels, clear your browsing history Don’t waste time with the Capital One Venture card.

  6. On the surface I love the 10x cap one plus 10% But when trying to use, not all the hotels show up on And the main problem is you have to get 10 nights at within 1 year! I’m sure this works for road warriors, but they probably have high status and would normally book hotels direct. I would have a hard time ensuring I got use of this benefit before the nights started expiring. I think this should be mentioned more often by bloggers.

  7. Gary, I see you don’t have the Venture card in your ‘What’s in my wallet’ post. How come?

    I’m always curious to know how many differently points currencies people earn and why. I currently focus on Chase and Amex currencies (as well as passively on Delta SkyMiles and Marriott Bonvoy).

    I’ve considered getting the Venture. I see some value in the partnership for overseas hotels in smaller cities. But, I’m concerned about over diversifying with another currency. Hotels could just as easily be put on a CSR to add to a stash of Chase UR points. I wonder about the long term viability of the Capital One program and their partnership. Is it worth to hold another currency that one would earn slower than other currencies?

  8. @L3 — you’re right, my bad. I was thinking of the normal 2 pts/$ earning. The redemption is absolutely just 1 cent per point. Sorry to take up nearly half the replies with this.

  9. @CS I’ve tested comparing with regular, travelocity, and kayak on different occasions and have always found them to be the same. Tested again just now with a hotel I’m about to book using the browser’s ‘incognito’ mode. Went to first before going to /venture and prices were the same on both.

    I don’t doubt that they play games with it on some hotels, but it’s certainly not universal.

  10. @vbscript2: You mean @L3 (there is no @CS in this thread).

    You have not conducted the test correctly. Your use of incognito mode tips off the server that you are testing the system. It defeats your test. Do this:

    1) go to and get a price;
    2) go to and get the price again. It should be the same;
    3) Clear your browser (or use another IP that you know has no recognition cookies), go to and get the price again. This price is about 10% lower.

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