American Airlines Strands 16 Woman Bachelorette Party When Bride’s Mother Appears Drunk

Sixteen women headed out Thursday on American Airlines from Sacramento to a bachelorette party in Cabo San Lucas while first connecting in Phoenix.

As they were about to board their connecting flight they were stopped — the bride‘s mother appeared to be intoxicated. Her daughter excuses it because she was nervous flying for the first time “in over 20 years” which is why she “had a few alcoholic drinks before their first flight.”

The mother of the bride then “got anxious” and also “nauseous.” One imagines since the nausea came on “during landing” she was left to deal with the consequences on her own, away from the tight confines of the lavatory. At her seat she “had to grab a barf bag” and eventually on arrival stumbled off the plane.

American wouldn’t allow the ill, intoxicated woman to continue her travels. And things escalated from there with the rest of the group, eventually getting them all banned from the flight. Police were called.

According to the airline,

One member of the party appeared to be intoxicated while boarding in Phoenix. After this individual was told they would not be able to take the flight, several other members of their group become irate. They were deemed a safety risk to the crew and others on the flight and not allowed to board.

While American refused to transport the group to Mexico, they were only offered “partial” refunds for their tickets.

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  1. Don’t get drunk or be rowdy. Doesn’t sound like rocket science. Why is this even news?

  2. If this was a group of men there would have been be no story and no sympathy. The headline would also have been very different than “looked” drunk.

  3. She was either ill, intoxicated or both. Why should AA allow someone to fly in that condition? So they can divert or ask fellow passengers to have to deal with her inflight?

    Why aren’t we giving AA kudos here?

  4. Even your headline is written to be slanted. AA didn’t strand anyone. They stranded themselves. I know you probably don’t believe much in personal accountability, and that we should always find a way to blame someone else for your own mistakes. You do several things really well, but a majority of the time you are just writing stories to get clicks on your site and continue your narrative that AA is the absolute worst airline in the world. It honestly leads me to doubt your credibility as a “thought leader” in the travel industry, when it looks like you only fly essentially one airline and do nothing but complain. Anyone can do that.

  5. Oh look at that group.

    How many times did the station agents hear: “I WANT TO SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER!”

    Act like an entitled brat, don’t be surprised if you get a spanking.

  6. Living in PHX, these so called woman made up a story and AA wasn’t buying it. They could have all flown to Cabo and left Mom and a friend behind until Mom sobered up. AA did the right thing for the many and the few that can’t behave go to social media to cry. IT AINT WORKING NO MORE!

    Time to call out these whiners, your 40/50 something Mom doesn’t know how to behave, then shut it! GOOD JOB AA!

  7. If AA had let the woman board they would have been breaking the law – specifically 14 CFR 121.575(c), which states: “No certificate holder may allow any person to board any of its aircraft if that person appears to be intoxicated.” (

    Fines (to the airline) for violating part 121 regulations are not small.

  8. Sing along with me…Here we go, AA, Here we go!

    Right or not AA has major customer service issues!

  9. Who says AA doesn’t have class? Stranding a group that wasn’t hurting anyone shows what sterling customer service they have.

  10. Some PHX AA gate agents are power-hungry angry people however.

    Not enough info to know who was right or not.

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