How Spies Avoid Jet Lag and Should Airlines Feed Delayed Passengers Pizza or Burgers?

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  1. Tip of the hat to United pilot, Captain Matthew, who evidenced solid good judgement for the benefit of his passengers.

    Such singular decisions not delayed going up the chain-of-command have significant meaning to those who still cherish resolute leadership.

  2. Marriott is keen to keep Bonvoy members happy? The Skift writer has been sadly misled by Marriott. In fact, Marriott has repeatedly shown contempt for their loyal customers. As bad as the major airline and hotel companies treat loyalty by the paying customer, Marriott says an entirely new standard of antagonism and contempt toward these people.

  3. Just picking a random headline from January 2013: “FAA grounds all Boeing 787 airplanes in the US after second battery-related fire.” Life was more precious then? Software is complex but a burning battery is hard to ignore? Now that drives me even madder.

    BTW, Gary, I loved the Einstein Pilot comment in the Washingtonian.

  4. 5.5 hour delay leaving JFK last fall, they threw a bag of chips and half a coffee cup (the undercatered the cups) of water at us at 3 hours to avoid a penalty there, turned back to a hard stand but were told we couldn’t get off to avoid the next penalty (but had time to refuel). Luckily we had brought some food and extra water on board so we had something. Tack on our 5 hour flight and it was one long night with no recourse for penalties on the airline.

  5. It’s been a while since I visited, so I just did. I wish it were still up, considering United and Marriott are partnered on the establishment side.

  6. (1) It should not fall on the pilot to do what is right by the passengers; airlines should be doing this as a goodwill gesture when they fail to deliver the product they promised their consumers (a flight from “A” to “B” that gets you there by a certain time).

    (2) Given healthier eating trends, I’d love to see airlines kick pizza/burgers to the curb in favor of something less processed.

  7. Operated by Mesa?. In that case, the EXPRESS pilot probably just spent his whole paycheck on that delay. lol.

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