Air New Zealand’s Christmas Video Mocks Donald Trump

Air New Zealand announced they’re Making Christmas Great Again with their Christmas video. This follows on the airline CEO’s trash talking Americans just two months ago.

Santa mistakenly e-mails one of the naughty kids on his list the entire database of naughty children. Armed with this information, the children convene the International Naughty Kids Summit “to tackle the threat of empty stockings.” Air New Zealand must fly all these children to the summit.

Knowing that Santa is always watching, the delegation of little darlings pledges better behaviour – but when talks stall with the US representative, it falls to New Zealand to save the season.

If the Great Again reference wasn’t obvious enough, and a breakdown in US diplomacy, Air New Zealand makes it abundantly clear with this international summit speech in which the kid declares he’s “not naughty at all” that he’s “the nicest person I know” and everyone erupts in laughter. And as when Trump elicited laughter at the U.N., the kid reacts “didn’t expect that reaction but that’s ok.”

Here’s the video. Typical awesome Air New Zealand, or poor taste for an airline that’s expanding its U.S. presence?

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  1. Not much a risk to their US expansion. Their target audience in not really the uneducated, ignorant, imbecile typical trump deplorable.

    Remember, most don’t even have a passport…

  2. I thought our dear leader said that the rest of the world was no longer laughing at us? Could he have lied?

  3. This is what people think of us, thanks to Donald Trump. Live with it — for the next 23 months or impeachment, whichever comes first.

  4. LOLGary: You have sure brought out some angry unwashed lefties commentators with this post.

  5. I clicked on the AP link Gary posted about President Trump’s comments at the UN. Note how the President paused after making the comment, waiting for a reaction. It kind of looks like he was joking (if you do not have Trump derangement syndrome). Further, if you watch the President speaking style, often he acts like a stand-up comic who could be doing a performance at Comic Strip Life, Carolines, or Dangerfield’s in New York City. Have you seen him imitating acting “Presidential”. He walks and talks really stiff, then he says, I am boring the hell out of the audience and stops. Some of his comments are laugh out loud funny. Later I turn on CNN, the left wing thought leader, and they are having a conniption, which later turns out to be full nuclear. Following CNN’s lead, the NY Times, NY Post, and Politico write serious (with a capital “S”) stories about how inappropriate President’s Trump’s statements are. Then next thing you know, State Attorney Generals are threatening lawsuits and Andrew Weissman is leaking to the press that the Mueller investigation is looking into President’s comments. It is like “The Rape of the Lock” over and over and over again.

    Unfortunately, some topics are dead serious. The AP link Gary included refers to President Trump publicly pressuring the Europeans to pay more for NATO. What uncouth rude swine President Trump is for bringing that topic up. Normally, Presidents whisper quietly about the funding issue to avoid embarrassing the European leaders. I vaguely recall CNN was saying that President Trump was mentally unbalanced due to his comments in this regards. In 2017, USA spent an estimated $683.414 billion in Defense Spending, which is 71.7% of Defense Spending by the NATO countries. A significant portion of this spending goes toward defending Europe. This defense spending represents $683,414 million/327.7 million people in the USA or $2,085 thousand/person annually. To put this in perspective, compare defense spending with the $666 billion federal deficit in 2017 or the $566 billion trade gap in 2017. Maybe President Trump is a jerk for publicizing the defense spending issue, but at least he is sticking up for instead of milking the American Tax payers.

  6. Political commentary in advertising is a loser for this consumer. I’m not interested & shy away from people/companies that take very public, blatant political stands. I just think it’s inappropriate. I travel & go to movies to GET AWAY from the annoyances of modern life, not to have it shoved in my face.

  7. @Terry–just a hint, in New Zealand, as in the rest of the world, nothing in that advertisement was political. Facts are not political. Documented past behavior is not political. Quotations are not political. Using the likeness of the president to represent the United States is not political.

  8. Sad to say, but Trump is the laughing stock of the world, and deservedly so. He can’t remember all his lies, and when caught, he says he changed his mind, or didn’t mean it.

    As most travelers on here know, in foreign lands we are often asked what we think of Trump. I just we say we wanted a change, and got a change for the worse. They understand.

  9. Smarten Up – Of course, consider the source of the ad. The airline that tried to cover up their culpability in a crash (NZ901) & then pin it on the flight crew.

  10. Smarten Up Shame on me?? Whatever for? I have no idea why you said that. I thought “facts are not political”. Or is that only true when it fits your narrative?
    Royal Commission of Inquiry
    “…the highly respected judge Justice Peter Mahon …found that airline executives and senior (management) pilots had engaged in a conspiracy to whitewash the inquiry, accusing them of “an orchestrated litany of lies” by covering up evidence and lying to investigators.”

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