Bose QC25 Noise Cancelling Headphones 63% Off (These Are the Ones I Use)

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My view is that you should only buy things in your purchase plan on major shopping days. Get a discount for what you’d buy anyway, don’t make impulse purchases of things you don’t need.

For many travelers though that may include noise cancelling headphones. They’re something I travel with. I use Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones. I paid $300 for mine when I bought them. Amazon has them on sale for an amazing $109.99.

List price is $299. They went on sale for Black Friday last year at $179. $110 is the lowest I’ve seen.

Some people are targeted for 20% off anything at Amazon when redeeming 1 Membership Rewards point. I’m not. Others are targeted for $15 of $60 when redeeming 1 Chase point. I’m not. But if you are and aren’t already using those deals price gets reduced further.

To be sure this isn’t the latest generation headphone, that’s the Bose QuietComfort 35 which is wireless. But I am still very happy with my QC25s, and I’m definitely not spending $300 for new headphones that don’t seem to sound any different.

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  1. Great tip.

    Are you able to connect your QC25s to the airline’s system, or do you only use them with your own devices?

    How are they for sleeping (with NC on)?

  2. Last year I ordered at the $179 price and then saw that I missed an additional small amount off so I reordered and planned to return the first pair. Long story short, Amazon messed something up and wouldn’t take one pair back, the chat agent told me it was my lucky day and I snagged them for free…the agent told me to not even send them back since they wouldn’t know what to do with them (I was trying to be ethical and return what I hadn’t paid for)

  3. This is a must have for sleeping on a plane. I wear them over earplugs and the combination is almost 100% effective. These headphones are small and flat enough that, with a good pillow, they even work for side sleepers. I highly recommend these headphones.

    $109 is a superb deal. I just ordered 3 for gifts. I bought one on sale last year, when it was $125 and I was kicking myself after that I didn’t buy a couple more. This is the best price I’ve seen on this product.

  4. There is a difference in noise cancellation with each Bose generation. While the differences are less audible to most people with succeeding generations of these devices, what must be considered are the facts that the decibel levels are logarithmic, and hearing loss increases with age.
    Although one may no longer be able to hear the difference in sound level, it does not mean that hearing loss isn’t occurring at a rate equal to the more advanced (and more expensive) headset. It is in fact occurring at a greater rate, but is hidden. Since there is no redundancy in the acoustic nerve endings in the cochlea for each frequency, once all the nerve endings for a given frequency are gone, it’s gone for good. So you can pay less now for hearing protection, but will pay more sooner for the hearing aids (or cochlear implant) that will undoubtedly be needed as the hidden hearing loss starts to affect speech discrimination.
    Suggest calculating overall risk of hearing loss, based on occupation (such as dentist – exposed to high speed drills), place of residence (population density over 200 people per square mile vs under 2 people per square mile), and frequency of travel exposure to internal combustion engines and jet engines. Also might want to factor in time spent wearing earbuds while talking on the phone/listening to podcasts, music etc.
    If the risk is low, and/or hearing isn’t of much value to you, then go for the cheaper set. It’s your money.

  5. Clearing out old technology, so the price naturally drops (see e.g. last year’s model of Kindle paperwhite.) In this case very old tech as they are no wireless Bluetooth. Kind of like buying BA TATL business class when the new standard is direct aisle access for all.

    Personally I much prefer in-ear buds because I can’t side sleep with the over-ear headsets.

  6. I’ve been using an inexpensive set of active noise-cancelling headphones, and I assumed that they were about as good as Bose headphones. That was until I was able to do a comparison in-flight with a pair of airline-supplied Bose units. Wow, the difference was way beyond what I expected…the Bose did much, much better.

    So, this morning my wife “gave” me these Bose 25s for Christmas. I’ll need to be sure to tell her before the credit-card bill arrives….

  7. I’ve had the QC25’s since the month they came out and also paid 300 bananas. I never leave home without them.
    That single AAA battery lasts a long time too.
    Excellent for sleeping with just the NC on.

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