Delta Has an Election Day Ad They Want You to See

Delta debuted a new ad today, and it runs only today. It’s about inclusion and Delta’s bringing people together — through travel — and offers meaningful thoughts to an electorate that says they’re frustrated with anger, division, and partisanship.

The ad offers a great message, and their CEO explains on LinkedIn why they did it.

These are great sentiments, about bringing people together, though perhaps strange when their last CEO was a big Hillary Clinton donor, while their current one is encouraged by Trump.

Delta may “work across airlines” but when they do they play hardball for instance refusing to help distressed passengers on other airlines.

When it comes to politics they’ve been just as willing to use ugly rhetoric, pull support from charities that do business with their rivals, and even elbow Alaska and United out of Pride parades. Maybe this ad says they want to be different now.

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  1. Good for Delta for promoting inclusion and bringing people together. If only our president would get the message instead of spreading hate and division.

  2. While I’d love to actually believe that Delta has suddenly morphed into a kind, caring company, it’ll take a lot more than advertisements to change my opinion of them.

  3. It’s a good message for sure. But it’s too soon. I’ll I can think about right now when when I see anything Delta is sitting in shit. And flight attendants who don’t give a shit about it. I think this is going to stick with me for a long time.

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