Domestic Airline Pricing Class Action Settlement and 70% Off Garuda Indonesia Awards

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  1. I must say the Amtrak story really resonated with me, I’ve been doing the DC-NYC trip off and on for 21+ years, and the Acela I feel like is going the way of the DC Metro (which has nearly fallen completely apart). The trip time has now crept up to more than 3 hours and almost 3:15 depending on the slot, and that’s when it’s on time (less and less). I double-checked, it was 2:45 in its heyday. The Acela seats haven’t been upgraded but supposedly will be, some day, but I believe after the regional trains. And, they are constantly messing with the departure times – more than the airlines. I used to grab the 7a and be in Manhattan just before 10a. It was 650a months ago, and now it leaves at 640a, getting in at 9:46a. WTF? The downtown to downtown bonus (more or less) is becoming less and less appetizing against this time creep, except when I remember LGA is under massive construction for the next decade, oh and prone to storm delays.

  2. I not only hate what Parker has done to American Airlines but apparently he is a major crook as well
    and his fellow airline cronies

  3. Regarding the Garuda award sale, I have two questions:

    1. Other than Garuda’s own site, which is pretty difficult to deal with, how can I search Garuda first class availability? It looks like it could be searchable on ExpertFlyer, but I don’t know the fare code.

    2. Does Garuda allow award holds? (TYP transfers take two days or so.)

  4. I am not sure what should be said about the airlines and there money grab, but I must say I would
    appreciate any amount of honest refund for ticket prices that I have paid during the time frame you noted.

  5. My husband and I paid a high amount for a one-way ticket to get back home. We tried other airlines that were cheaper but they were all booked up. So we had no choice but to pay the high price Airline for the two tickets. Therefore anything that the class action gets I would like to get a piece of the refund for the time period you noted after the suit is settled.

  6. Lorraine Jones says:
    November 8,2018 at 12:PM CDST

    I had at least 13 trips during 2011-2017 on the airlines specified. Please keep me informed and what proof is required to participate in any settlements.

  7. Lenny & Karon Burlage
    We booked a flight from FSD to Den and from Den to Las on April 23, 2018
    then a return flight from Las to Den and Den to Fsd On April 27, 2018
    All on United Airlines
    If you need anymore information please contact us by email

  8. Hope this isn’t some kind of scam, been hit before. But if true, I know I paid to much for 2 of my trips.

  9. Thank you Gary Leff. These commenters don’t seem to “get it”. You wrote an article. You gave them the link for where to sign up. You’re not going to keep them in formed. You’re not taking names. You’re an innocent expert traveler who knows how to spell, use good grammar and good syntax. Thanks again! This it to to too funny. There they’re there their.

  10. Count me in on the refund! I have taken a flight to Vancover, BC which we missed our connection in Dallas and was later booked on a fight to LA where we had to sleep overnight on the seats. Then we got to Vancover a day late.

  11. My husband Charles P. Boranian have used Southwest Airlines and US Airways many times within the time frame of this Class Action Law Suit to travel to Ft. Myers, Florida to visit our home in Marco Island, Florida. Please include us in any settlement funds available to us.

  12. Are the passengers going to see anything from this lawsuit or just the lawyers? I have done about 12 flights and it would be nice to get a refund.

  13. I have flown American Airline, Delta and Southwest. I have a AAdvantage Citi and a Delta Platinum Credit Card. It would be nice to get a refund.

  14. I have flown several times with American Airlines, Delta, and Southwest with husband. It would be nice to receive a refund.

  15. I have been flying for years alone to my college in Washington DC on American Airlines back and forth from Washington DC to Chattanooga, TN. I have also flown with my mother and father, but we have also flown to Houston Texas on Delta. I would really appreciate a nice refund.

  16. I have flown to Puerto Rico on Delta and to Washington DC several times on American Airline with my family it would be nice to receive a refund.

  17. There are places that I did not mention that might assist with this law suit. we(my wife and I) have flown to Chicago, Albuquerque New Mexico(first class0, Las Vegas and Houston with our daughter. All Delta. we look forward to hearing from who ever it concerns.

  18. 2011 to 2016 My family and I flew to San Francisco, CA Chicago, Orlando, Florida, Washigton DC, Houtson, Marta’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, Boston and the Las Vegas trip was this year that my wife and I took on Southwest not Delta sorry for the mistake and Tampa Florida.

  19. This case is being handled by Rust Consulting. They are a scam at best. I did not even live in the USA during the period. I should not be on the list of class members at all.
    The truth is Rust Consulting gets millions to locate class members. It makes not difference if they are actual victims, or if they are just random names off a mailing list.
    Ultimately the lawyers and the administrators (like Rust Consulting) make big bucks, and the rest of us get a few pennies. The airlines up the ticket prices further to cover the settlement costs.

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