Earn Top Tier Hyatt Status Through Credit Card Spend Alone

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I quickly signed up for the new World of Hyatt Credit Card when it came out this summer and I started putting a good bit of spending on it right away. That cinched my top tier elite status with Hyatt next year. Let me explain the value behind why I did that, and offer the two reasons it’s a good idea not to wait to get this card.

Chase’s ‘5/24’ rule — that they won’t approve applicants for certain cards when they have gotten 5 or more new cards in the past 24 months — doesn’t apply to the World of Hyatt Credit Card although according to Chase President of Co-brand cards Leslie Gillin they plan for 5/24 to eventually apply. That’s one reason to get the card now rather than waiting.

Another reason not to wait to get the World of Hyatt Credit Card is that the introductory initial bonus offer for the new product is limited-time, they haven’t said when it will end, but gives 20,000 more points than they’re likely to offer later.

The offer is up to 60,000 points with this card. You earn 40,000 points after $3000 in spend on purchases in the first 3 months from account open and an additional 20,000 points if you spend $6000 total within the first 6 months.

And 60,000 points is enough for 2 free nights at any Hyatt hotel except for all-inclusive Miraval. (Or 12 nights at category 1 properties.)

Park Hyatt Hadahaa, Maldives

New Hyatt Card’s Features

The new card is the best for earning at Hyatt, gives a real boost towards Hyatt status, and is the only card I know that bonuses fitness club and gym memberships. Here’s earning:

  • 4 points per dollar Hyatt spend
  • 2 points per dollar restaurants; airline tickets purchased through the airline; fitness club and gym memberships; local transit and commuting including ride share services
  • 1 point per dollar other purchases

It’s also great for earning free nights in addition to points. You get both a free category 1-4 night each year at card renewal and an additional free night at a category 1-4 Hyatt property after spending $15,000 in a cardmember anniversary year. That makes putting $15,000 annual spend on the card attractive.

How This Card Helps You Earn Status

The real winner here is help towards elite status. The card comes with 5 elite nights each year. Then each $5000 spent on the card earns 2 more elite nights.

  • Hyatt has the most lucrative top elite tier
  • They’ll now let you earn that status with credit card spending alone, with the introduction of this card

Globalist Room Service Breakfast, Park Hyatt Vendome Paris

I’ve been top tier with Hyatt for about a decade because they offer richer benefits that I care about than other chains, and I generally like their properties.

Globalist (top tier elite) members get,

  • Best available room at check-in, including standard suites
  • Club lounge access at properties with lounges
  • 4 suite upgrades (for up to 7 nights each) confirmed at booking
  • Full breakfast at properties without club lounges (not just continental breakfast like other chains offer)
  • A dedicated reservations representative to handle all of your Hyatt needs (‘My Hyatt Concierge’), I don’t have to call to reserve suites, make complicated bookings, or follow up with properties.

Club Lounge Outdoor Deck, Grand Hyatt New York

Earning Top Status With the Credit Card

Hyatt requires 60 elite nights to earn top elite status, and 55 nights to renew that status. You receive 5 nights just for having the card and 2 more nights for each $5000 spent on the card.

As a result if you don’t have even a single Hyatt night, then you need to spend:

  • $140,000 on the card in a year to earn Globalist status for the first time
  • $125,000 on the card in a year to renew Globalist status

More realistically if you have 30 hotel nights that you can give to Hyatt in a year, getting the card brings you to 35 and then $65,000 spend in a year would get you to Globalist the first time and in the future $50,000 spend would get you there.

Whatever spend you put on the card is spend you aren’t putting on a different card. But the rewards from this card, combined with the rewards earned with Hyatt status, are lucrative enough that I think spending towards status can make sense for those in a position to do so.

Evening Cocktails and Snacks for Globalists at the Park Hyatt Tokyo

Generating Big Rewards While You Spend For Status

In the first year you can earn a 60,000 point initial bonus. At cardmember renewal you receive a category 1-4 night. And spending $15,000 on the card each year earns a category 1-4 night.

And earning for your spending on the card has become more rewarding, with more points for Hyatt stays and better double points categories.

But since can earn elite status for your spending, and each elite level comes with free nights as well, your spending gets even more rewarding.

If you spend enough on the card, combined with actual nights that you stay, in order to earn the initial bonus as well as Hyatt’s Globalist status you’ll receive:

  • 60,000 point initial bonus (worth 2-12 nights depending on where you redeem)
  • Points for your spending
  • Category 1-4 night at $15,000 spend
  • Category 1-4 night when you hit 30 elite nights in the Hyatt program (Explorist)
  • Category 1-4 night at annual card renewal
  • Category 1-7 night when you hit 60 elite nights in the Hyatt program (Globalist)
  • 4 suite upgrades that allow you to confirm a suite at time of booking for up to 7 nights if a standard suite is available (Globalist)
  • 2 United club passes (Globalist)

Club lounge at the Grand Hyatt Singapore

That’s a lot of return for your spending. I’ve already hit $25,000 spend on my card which put me back over the top for 2019 elite status.

The World of Hyatt Credit Card

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  1. Hmm.. the opportunity cost of putting $140,000 on this card is probably around $2,000-4,000

    And of course you could put all of that spending towards multiple signup bonuses on other cards.

    I can’t imagine this is worth it for many people

  2. When you gain Globalist Status how long is that status effective? If I hit the $125,000 in say March 2019 does that go through 12/312020 or just 12/31/2019?

  3. I keep getting e-mails to upgrade from the old card, but they’re only offering 2,000 bonus points…….doesn’t seem worth it to me and I feel like there will be better incentives later on, no?

  4. Here is the answer to the question I posed above. If you have access to business spend perhaps you can swing 20 months of Status out of the deal.

    From The Hyatt program terms-

    When a Member qualifies for elite status, (s)he will receive that elite status after meeting the minimum requirement through February of the second Calendar Year following qualification. For example, if a Member were to receive Discoverist status in September 2017, that Member would maintain Discoverist status for the remainder of 2017, all of 2018, and through February 2019, unless the Member re-qualified for his/her current status or earned another tier of elite status during that time.

  5. I agree with Cohagan. The opportunity cost of shifting $50-$100k of spending to this card is insane. I am already a Hyatt Globalist. I cannot imagine paying for the privilege.

    Plus, those “free” nights are not nearly as free as they seem. They are only good for 6 months, not a year. So anybody who gets the credit card for the free nights has to hold off spending on the card until they will be able to use the free nights. Otherwise the nights will expire before use. The travelblogs are full of comments from people whose Hyatt nights expired unused.

    Do you have any inside info that the 60000 point sign up is going away? I have not read anything indicating it is a temporary offer.

  6. @Cohagan I think you are forgetting that Hyatt points are worth around 1.4 cents. So $140,000 in spend earns about $1,960 worth of Hyatt points in addition to earning status. Now if that spend is all on air travel and you could have gotten 5x AmEx vs 2x Hyatt that’s a problem, but if the difference is on un-bonused spend not so bad. It still doesn’t really make sense unless the total spend is under $40K and you spend a lot of nights at Hyatts in my opinion. Looks like Gary found the sweet spot.

  7. Agree on the opportunity cost. 100k on this card could be 150k Chase UR points which is easily a TATL or TPAC business class round trip worth $3-$10k. Of course that’s also earns 3 nights and change at a top Hyatt plus the perks.
    Putting aside the free breakfasts the question is how much you value those guaranteed suite upgrades? If it saves a family from buying an extra room on a multi night stay then maybe worth $$$. But for a 1-2 person stay where an ordinary room would be sufficient – not so much.
    The difference between business class and economy on a long flight is huge in terms of comfort. For a room v suite, not so much.

  8. @Rico

    Yes $140,000 spend earns about $1,960 worth of Hyatt points, but if you put that on a no-fee card like Chase Freedom Unlimited, earning 1.5x (UR points being worth around 2 cents each) that’s $4,200! Then factor in that you can get anywhere from 3-5x on specific categories with Chase/AMEX cards you’ll be getting 6-10% back

  9. I completely agree with this article. As Gary stated, it’s not realistic to spend the entire way to Globalist each year. Obviously no one is going to do that because it would mean you weren’t staying at any Hyatt properties at all, since now even free nights count toward elite status. I would imagine there are a lot of people in a similar situation to me that travel often for pleasure but do not travel for work, so I would not otherwise be able to achieve high elite status. I routinely get 2-4 cents per point in value from Hyatt redemptions so I have zero concern on the opportunity cost of spending $60-80k a year for all the additional benefits Globalist status provides.

  10. Hyatt has pissed me off offering Globalist to many large company employees (without suite upgrades) for 20 nights .
    I won’t make 60 nights this year but I’ve given them a lot more spend than someone staying 60 nights because I pay for room nights for others..
    The failure of Hyatt to reward nights paid for others ruins it for me. I’m not sure what Marriott does now but SPG would give room night credit for 3 rooms.

    I was allowed to product change to WOH card which is probably not worth it. Chase is stuck in 2013 by rejecting my application based on a “previous unsatisfactory business relationship”: That was the relationship where they had $60,000 of my money in a checking account at 0 %. but didn’t like my spending pattern.
    It should be interesting to see what happens when I try to get the Sapphire Banking Bonus.

  11. if you are spending to get Explorist, why not stick with old Hyatt card: “Automatic upgrade to Explorist status when you spend $50,000”

  12. @Gary I have the current (old) Hyatt card and got the bonus 14 months ago. I believe I have to wait 24 months… well 23 months, cancel current card, wait 30 days, and sign up.

    If I have that wrong, let me know.

    PS: I just hit 61 nights. I love hyatt, though most of my goto properties are Hyatt Places.

  13. @Gary I am 10 nights short for globalist, I can probably hit it with spend the next 2.5 months. I was wondering if my December spend will be credited for 2018. Or it will be too late since I won’t get statement until first week of January 2019.

  14. Don’t think it makes sense for many people to spend from scratch on the Hyatt card to get Globalist.

    But if you already have some Hyatt nights, this seems worth it for some 1x spend.

    Hyatt has some promos now which give back bonus points for reward stays. Between 30-40 they get you 2500 back on even a 5000 stay.

    So if you think earning URs preferable, convert some to Hyatt and stay at cat 1s.

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