This Worst Thing a Passenger Can Do Keeps Happening and We’re All at Risk

We’ve seen reports of passengers not quite finding the lavatory on planes, whether Air India or Vietnam Airlines or on JetBlue or American Airlines. It’s also happened,

When your seatmate decides to target your seat there’s not much you can do. As a passenger though bear in mind that you can usually get up to go to the lavatory even when the seat belt sign is on. So don’t feel like you have no other option.

Sure the airline may want to charge you fee for doing so. But it’s better than sitting in a soaked seat for a long haul flight.

The latest incident comes from Thursday’s Air India New York JFK – Delhi flight A102. A drunk passenger urinated on another passenger’s seat. Fortunately the flight wasn’t full so the woman was able to be moved to another seat.

Apparently twitter is how India’s government now issues orders, because the country’s Minister of State for Civil Aviation immediately tweeted a demand that the carrier report on the incident.

According to the airline they did everything they could,

Our sincere apologies to passengers of the flight inconvenienced by this act. Our cabin crew promptly went all out to alleviate the inconvenience of the passenger from the moment the incident occurred till the flight touched down at Delhi. While an airline has no control over the behaviour of an individual passenger, our crew are trained to handle any situation with utmost care and concern.

While passengers urinating on seat opponents doesn’t happen frequently compared to the number of flights and number of passengers each year, it happens frequently enough to make me wonder whether an airline would attract business by requiring passengers to certify that they’re potty trained, and to blow into a breathalyzer at the boarding gate. And it makes me wonder if airlines not doing this suggests they’d rather have the ticket revenue than discourage the behavior.

For fee-happy airlines like Spirit, Allegiant and United another approach could be onboard sale of Depends.

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  1. more “thought leadership” from Gary.

    The nonsensical nature of this piece makes me wonder if Gary is in fact drunk and in need of a lav right now.

  2. It’s rodiculous that people blame an airline for a passengers stupidity. Blame the airline if they do nothing to help you.

  3. “Fortunately the flight wasn’t empty so the woman was able to be moved to another seat.”

    I think you mean the flight WAS empty?

  4. With the almost weekly reports of passengers caught fondling others or themselves I would say the urination comes in 2nd place on the “worst thing to happen” category. And while airlines do not have control over passengers they certainly could do a better job handcuffing the offenders and alerting law enforcement prior to landing.

  5. Let’s not forget that with Marriott’s new big bottles of shampoo, previous hotel guests can easily pee inside the bottles. Ticking time bomb

  6. Anyone else run into the problem of a toilet seat that refuses to stay up? I don’t have enough hands to hold the damn seat up and take care of business. You would think the airline would realize there’s not enough room in the lavatory for the plumbing to fit. I have to leave the seat down when urinating. It’s totally disgusting and unsanitary. I try to clean up but there’s only so much I can do.

  7. These days I’d rather pee in my seat and deal with the embarassment than try to pull my pants down inside the tiny filth-ridden closet-toilet & fruitlessly try to dodge the flushing splash-up! Bathrooms are NOT kept clean, let alone sanitized. Raunchy raunchy raunchy. I avoid completely.

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