Meghan Markle Eschews British Airways, Flies Air Canada to Toronto

Meghan Markle flew to Toronto on Air Canada — not British Airways.

The Duchess of Sussex lived in Toronto when she filmed the USA television series Suits. There’s no comment on her choice of airlines, but her brother in law has been known to fly Ryanair over British Airways. The royal family’s preference for BA has certainly waned in recent years, along with the quality of the British Airways premium cabin experience, although the latest royal is hardly an airline snob having flown coach for New Year’s.

Reportedly “Kensington Palace sent a letter to Air Canada asking that no one takes Meghan’s picture of approaches her on the flight.” I’m not sure how that could have been accomplished inflight but they’re certainly well-prepared to handle passengers discretely.

Air Canada Super Elite ‘Concierge’ Check-in

Air Canada Tarmac Transfer

There’s no word as yet whether she’ll return to London from Toronto on Air Canada and have a chance to experience dining at the Air Canada Signature Suite which offers the best business class airport sit down culinary experience in the world.

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  1. Funny, I booked my brother on a business class seat of Lufthansa to Europe and a BA first class on the way back. He said Lufthansa biz was better than BA F. Go figure

  2. typo :

    “Reportedly “Kensington Palace sent a letter to Air Canada asking that no one takes Meghan’s picture ~~~of~~~ approaches her on the flight.””

  3. I don’t think harry deserves so much credit for flying a 1 hour flight in coach, it’s not like they offer j anyway and having the whole back of the bus gives him privacy. Let’s see him ruffin it in a TATL than I’ll give him credit

  4. Given BA doesn’t even fly F to YYZ every day, it is pretty simple. In pretty much every way Air Canada J is better than BA J. Plus twice the frequency. Plus they are Canadian Royals as well, so not like she is flying a *foreign* airline.

  5. Seeing as she’s the granddaughter in law of the Queen of Canada, I don’t see any problems here.

    By the same virtue if she visits her dad in California and returns LAX-LHR on Air New Zealand, no problem.

    If she’d flown Delta, well then.

  6. @ Gary Leff the legend!
    True in the technical sense but can QR fly that plane non stop to LHR
    from San Diego or LA ? That makes BA the best 😉
    I’ve got to try them though at some point
    Speaking of BA what’s happened to their award availability lately?yikes
    Use to be reasonably good as.long as you were willing to cough up their extortion fees

  7. It could be less of a snub to BA and more of a subtle show of support for Canada in their row with the Kingdom without actually making a statement, which fits in line with the Royal family’s tendencies

  8. Last time I looked Canada was still part of the Commonwealth and as USBusiness Traveller says HM the Queen is still Queen of Canada. What’s the point of this article?

  9. Shoot, we here at Unitedless would have been happy to accommodate The Duchess of Sussex.
    I would have even bitten the bullet and blocked out the entire Biz cabin on our relatively new 787 to …..DENVER!
    Someone in scheduling told me it’s our best performing flight.

  10. Why is Harry in Botswana alone while Meghan escapes to Toronto? What happened….because nobody anywhere is commenting on their separation so unexpected?

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