Explosion and Fire Near Cairo Airport, Air Traffic Seems Mostly Unaffected

A little over an hour ago there were explosions followed by fire near the Cairo airport.

Apparently fuel tanks exploded. The Egyptian government says there’s no evidence of foul play and attributes the cause to ‘high temperature’ on a day it doesn’t appear to have hit 100 degrees in Cairo.

The government there hasn’t been the most forthcoming in the past about security incidents, though it’s largely too early to know for sure what happened and I remain skeptical both of unofficial and official claims.

Nonetheless, passengers at the airport report continuing to fly on or near to schedule after a possible brief delay. That may or may not hold.

At this point media reports are reminiscent of Ferris Bueller.

There is no confirmation so far of any casualties.

One Twitter user, Matthew Keidas, has said: “This guy says a worker at the airport said it was an explosion at the fuel depot in Cairo airport.

Hopefully everyone is unharmed by the blast.

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  1. Hey Leftie Gary: you vilified a member of Trump’s cabinet for daring to fly domestic first. I have yet to see your article about NYC dem demogogue De Blasio flying a $3M city police counterterrorism plane for his junket to Canada. Not convenient for you? Same as your lack of outrage for the previous admin’s DOJ and her private plane rendevouzs I guess. I expect no response, because I know you are shameless.

  2. @WR I love that you think I’m on the left, and that the mayor of NYC somehow has something to do with an explosion near the Cairo airport

  3. Geez where did we go wrong, I thought this was about travel not someone’s personal political views? There are people out there that need to get a life and stop reading news which is reported in the “eyes” of the reporter or news outlet.

    Good Job Gary

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