Most Ridiculous Requests Ever Made of a Hotel and Everything Anthony Bourdain Hated

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  1. Nonsense, as a DC councilman recently revealed, the Jews control the weather. That means you, Gary. Don’t try to pretend its Kim.

  2. David, please! We don’t use that term around here, it’s the globalists that control the weather.

  3. Wow, how have I never thought to prank my parents like that??? But then they might actually appreciate it 🙂

    Funny thing my wife did to my dad…every time we all go out to eat together my dad grabs the wait staff and demands they bring the check to him, a wonderfully nice gesture that he always wants to pay. But it’s frustrating when we’re the ones who invite them to dinner. So one night out he did that…then my wife found the server and told him to bring the check to us, that my dad was elderly and not right mentally any longer. He questioned us all when the check was brought to us, and then nearly fell off his chair when we told him why.

    I’m so pranking my parents on their next trip!

  4. J.C. – could you just not comment if you’re going to be so incredibly insensitive and ignorant? Thanks from the rest of the world.

  5. Oh J.C….. Nobody is expecting an “outpouring of sympathy”. We just don’t pretend to know what was in another’s mind when committing suicide. How interesting that somehow you DO? And you make your argument with such grace and class. I must have hit a nerve with you, huh?
    I’d like to point out (since your purposely ignore this fact) that the other poster calling you out for your ignorant statement is male – yet you only single out the female? No problem – as neanderthals such as you don’t matter – but how amusing that you’re too cowardly to attack a man.
    I don’t care to start a conversation with someone of your type, so I’ll just leave you on the floor.

  6. Can we please stop talking bout Bourdain??? He was a leftist douche and I say, good riddance! Now If we can get Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, Soros, Killary, and the rest of the rotten apple gang to do the same, we’d be in good shape!

  7. So the comments section here is now home to the alt-Right?
    Either clean up this nonsense or lose your readers, Gary.

  8. @Tired: You are lost. The Whiny Little Bitch Club meeting is down the hall on the opposite side.

    Once you learn to read, you’ll see that there are a mixture of right and left wingers that visit along with centrists and apoliticals. Can’t handle it? See a shrink or check out.

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