Southwest Flight Diverts When Passenger Sparks Up in the Lavatory

Conrad Hilton got away with smoking pot in the lavatory of a flight headed for Los Angeles.

Yesterday a Southwest Airlines flight also headed for Los Angeles diverted to San Jose when another passenger celebrated 4/20, albeit about six weeks late.

A Southwest Airlines jet made an emergency landing after reports that a passenger lit up a marijuana cigarette in a bathroom. Southwest says Flight 1250 from San Francisco to Los Angeles was diverted Wednesday afternoon.

The plane landed safely at San Jose Mineta International Airport, about 50 miles south of San Francisco.

Sparking up on a plane is ok to do, right? There are ash trays in the lavatory after all! And Mötley Crüe even covered this Brownsville Station classic celebrating the bathroom as the place to go…

At least the man didn’t set fire to the lavatory to cover up that he was smoking.

Why this happens on Southwest I can’t say but in December a Southwest Airlines passenger was pulled out of the lavatory for smoking and she threatened to kill everyone on the plane.

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  1. This guy must have been a f*****g peasant, unlike the Hilton spawn, so he’ll pay a heavy price for his stupidity.

  2. What was the flight path? I’m surprised that they even bothered diverting to SJC from SFO considering SFO to LAX is a little less than an hour. By the time they got to cruising and the guy was even able to get into the lav to light up, they’d be at least 1/3 the way to LAX. What a waste of everyone’s time, he couldn’t have just ordered some drinks for the hour flight instead of smoking?

  3. So I was in SJO when this went down. We had just landed and walking when we saw approximately 8 cops questioning a man in cuffs. I kid you not there were a lot of police. He was telling the officers that all he had on him was cigarettes. The funny thing was that they were questioning him right in front if Starbucks. We were joking that he probably tried to use the bathroom.

  4. What’s with the trolls on this blog? You clicked the headline! This site has stories like this. It always does so why continue reading if you don’t like it. So weird to take the time to comment

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