What Happens When American Airlines Tries to Be Hipster?

I like American Airlines Admirals Clubs because of the AAgents who work there. The agents in the Austin club are amazing, they’ve taken great care of me during mechanical delays, cancellations and weather events. Before I moved to Texas the ladies in the club at Washington National were lifesavers as well.

However there is nothing hipster about an American Airlines club. So with avocado toast rolling out to 21 Admirals Clubs by June it’s a good indication that no one eats avocado toast anymore.

Credit: American Airlines

Two full years ago In Style declared smashed spring pea toast to be the new avocado toast. Last month Showtime’s Billions drove home the point (NSFW).

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  1. You know avocado toast or whatever all sounds “cool” but my main complaint about odd, trendy or weird foods on the road is that travel can be hard on your stomach already. Why not offer more comfort type food. For example instead of roasted tomato crawfish bisque or whatever can’t we just get a bowl of chicken noodle or something. Maybe it’s just me.

  2. I agree DaninMCI!! I love avocados but the last thing I want to consume before boarding an 8 hour transatlantic flight is avocado toast which could start the timer on a ticking time bomb in my intestines.

    I’d love to see more stomach friendly foods; broth soups, pasta salad, light finger sandwiches, chips.

  3. Why would avocado toast be difficult to digest? Avocados digest easily, as does toast (for most people)!

  4. I’m for anything in a lounge that wasn’t manufactured 12 months ago, and isn’t room temp / shelf stable for an additional two years.

  5. Yep, avocado toast, without salsa or onions,if fresh, would be part of a bland diet that people with stomach issues would be on.

    Chips? Nor so much.

  6. Am I the only one who thinks that the hardass in the Showtime clip bears a passing resemblance to Gary?

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