Chinese Tour Guide Deported for Pulling Flight Attendant’s Hair

A Chinese tour guide leading a group of 16 found himself embroiled in an altercation with a flight attendant on a Lufthansa flight from Beijing to Frankfurt last Thursday.

He was standing in the aisle during meal service and a flight attendant asked him to ‘make room’ but he “had no desire” to. Instead he “tore [the] flight attendant by the hair, grabbed her harshly by the arm.”

On the ground he was met by German police.

  • His employer was informed of the incident and he was fired on the spot.
  • Since he was unemployed he was inadmissable to Germany, so he was deported
  • However he first had to post 1000 euros bond for charges related to the inflight incident
  • Then he had to pay for a one-way flight back to Beijing at a walkup cost of 2050 euros

The tour group got a replacement leader to take them “through Germany, Czech Republic and Austria.”

At the end of the TV show Lassie there was a lesson to tie the whole story together. It began, “You see Timmy…” And the only one I can come up here is don’t attack your flight attendant because while they’re there primarily for your safety, if their safety is compromised it won’t go well.

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  1. She simply asked him to make room and he attacked her? Yea sounds there is a lot more to this story because that makes zero sense.

  2. Bill, the scenario is all too plausible. Go to most countries in Southeast Asia theater have large influxes of Chinese tourists and you will hear and see things just like in this report. Major, major aggressive behavior is the norm. It’s been improving a little as the Chinese government is trying to educate its nouveau riche that are traveling for the first time what is @nd is not acceptable behavior, but it’s still a pretty significant problem.

    They’re giving us Ugly Americans a run for our money.

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