Watch: Woman Finds Cheating Husband at the Airport, Grabs His Paramour By the Hair at Check-in

A woman discovered her husband was sneaking away with his girlfriend and she showed up at the airport in Medellin, Colombia. And she was captured on video grabbing the woman by the hair and dragging her away from the check-in line.

Her husband tried to separate the two but couldn’t manage it. She shouted in Spanish,

On Saturday you were going to take me out with the little one and today you’re taking her. Get rid of her or I’ll cause a scandal right now. I’m not going to let go. Hit me if you want so they throw you in jail.

Apparently the two cheating hearts were headed to Cartagena, though it’s not clear whether they actually made the flight. I’m guessing not.

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  1. I love how the security guy just adjusts the barrier around them but makes no attempt whatsoever to release the cheater from the wife’s clutches. Maybe he thought she was getting what was coming to her. 🙂

  2. I speak spanish…she was mad that he used all of her Ultimate Rewards points to buy his mistress a ticket when she was saving them to fly to Dubai in shower class and stay at the Al Maha.

  3. I’ve never understood why anyone would blame the person with whom the spouse was cheating. It’s not her fault the dude is married, nor her problem.

    If the wife in this case wanted to attack anyone, she should have only attacked the husband.

  4. Agree with Rob. Grab the husband by the hair, or whatever. Let the mistress see and hear what the guy is really like. The mistress has her share of responsibility, but who knows what lines the guy has been feeding her. Make the guy tell both of them at the same time where he stands: one consistent message, and then live by it.

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