Obama’s Press Secretary Has a New Tougher Challenge: Spinning for United

Josh Earnest was President Obama’s press secretary from 2014 to 2017, succeeding Jay Carney. He was followed in the press secretary roll by Sean Spicer.

He worked on Obama’s first presidential campaign, was communications director for the President’s inauguration, and became deputy press secretary in 2009. A long-time political operative, he’s worked for Democrats like Terry McAuliffe and Howard Dean.

Since leaving government he’s worked as a commentator for NBC. And now United has hired him to become their new senior vice president and chief communications officer.

Going forward it’ll be his job to explain away passengers dragged off planes, passengers shoved to the ground by employees, and dogs killed in overhead bins — not to mention the world’s biggest rabbit being cremated without its owner’s permission.

In other words, in his new job it’ll be as if he stayed on as Press Secretary through the new administration.

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  1. @Jason Brandt Lewis: brilliant idea. But I’d say Melissa McCarthey’s impersonation of Sean Spicer would have been even more appropriate.

  2. DaninMCI – from my view, putting up with people who offer only negative comments certainly is. Most people understand that the world looks yellow to the jaundiced eye, having to spell it out for others just to paint how you see the world isn’t really helpful. Perhaps stick to jabs at United – for most, it’s something we can agree upon.

  3. Being Press Secretary during the “current administration” would be better than being Nancy Pelosi’s tampon.

    Still wanna talk politics, fat boy?

  4. @WilliamC —> I’m honestly not sure a) who that was directed to, nor b) what that even means — other than to say that is one of the crudest and inhumane comments I have ever read.

    On the off-chance that your unseemly comment was actually directed to me, let me assure you that 1) at 64 years of age, I am not a boy¹; 2) at 5’10”, I may be considered by some to be “short,” but at 175 lbs., I can hardly be considered fat. Indeed, according to my physician, my BMI is well within the “normal” range (i.e.: neither over- nor underweight).

    Finally, I would point out that that I made my initial comment with a nod and a wink — ;^) — and it would appear to me that those who support the present occupant of The White House lack any sort of sense of humour, which I consider an essential element in surviving Life as we know it.

    ¹ Unless, of course, you were using the term “boy” as an archaic term once used to refer to African-Americans, in which case I an *certainly* not a “boy.”

  5. @Jason Brandt Lewis:

    I realize you may believe you are the “center” of the Universe, but the comment was directed at the author of the article.

    Go intimidate your dog, or kick your wife. Your attempt to intimidate me just failed.

  6. Since intimidation was the LAST thing on my mind — it hadn’t even occurred to me — I can hardly have “failed.” Be that as it may, since I love my dog and have no desire to intimidate her, and I love my wife and have absolutely no desire to kick her, I have *no* idea what you are talking about.

    As for directing your comment towards Gary, that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever ever (IMHO). That said, this shall be my last post in this thread as a) my initial post was made in obvious jest; b) this is a travel blog focused on miles and points, and certainly *not* politics; and c) I prefer to debate someone who can intelligently carry on a conversation free of insults and attacks.

    I wish you well, but I refuse to lower myself to your level.

  7. @Jason Brandt Lewis

    You could not get much lower, living in Berkeley CA, and….

    I grew up in a “wine family,” and began my career in the wine trade back in 1969 (after starting to learn about, and taste, wines at the age of 10). I’ve worked in retail, wholesale, and in the importation of wines; for wineries in production, sales, and marketing; and I’ve been a wine writer for newspapers, magazines, and radio, as well as being a professional wine judge for various competitions around the US. I still do a little consulting, but I retired from the wine business after 35 years, and now manage a law office. Married, with two teenage daughters . . .

  8. Sorry Gary for contributing in this comment section. My attempt to be funny was mistaken as political warfare.

  9. Reflecting on some of the names that have been Press Secretary to a US President , from both parties, suggests just what a race to the bottom politics has become . Never see anyone of the quality of Pierre Salinger these days ( or a CJ Cregg from the fantasy world). Instead it’s the likes of the repulsive Scaramucci, even though his tenure was blessedly brief. A dreadful state of affairs.
    At least this boy dresses nicely and looks good on camera. Another dead dog could be the end of him though.

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