Don’t Fall For the Paid Seat Assignment Scam and Turn Bankrupt Miles Into Cash

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  1. Okay, thank you! I just received a claim for 35 EUR from the insolvency authorities. Super!

  2. Doesn’t seem like you can file a topbonus claim if your address is in the USA, no choice on the form.

  3. For USA Topbonus claims, select “VEREINIGTE STAATEN” under the “country” field. “VEREINIGTE STAATEN” is German for “United States.”

  4. However then it asks for your bank account data. Not sure a) whether the required German IBAN and BIC numbers correspond to US routing and bank account numbers and b) if so, whether I want to enter my personal bank account info on a website for the sake of possibly getting 1/3 cpp on my few thousand remaining points. ????

    Bank data
    Please enter below your bank details so that the insolvency administrator does not have to ask your bank details again in case of a quota distribution.

    Now choose whether your bank account is a SEPA bank account (IBAN, BIC) or another form of bank account.
    Account holder *

    IBAN *
    The IBAN is required.
    BIC *

  5. @Larry: No, IBAN and BIC are not routing/account numbers. You will need to check with your bank to find out how to receive an international wire transfer, and they will give you the appropriate IBAN/BIC. For at least some US banks, they only have one IBAN/BIC and expect your name and account number to come across elsewhere with the transaction in order to properly credit it to you.

  6. A bird flew around throughout this entire Bangkok – Doha flight because how exactly would you let it out?

    Simple. Wrap it in a towel and throw it out the window.

  7. use other
    bank act #
    then I used “routing/transfer number = 9 digit R/T” for address of bank

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