ALERT: British Airways Concorde Room is Out of Good Champagne

TravelZork alerts me that the British Airways Concorde Room at London Heathrow has run out of Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle champagne over Easter Weekend.

Concorde Room Champagne Bar

They’ve been serving Henriot out of the lounge next door. There are scattered reports that there is a modest Laurent Perrior reserve held back to be served only in the sit down dining area of the lounge.

Concorde Room Dining

Some folks are attributing the shortage to British Airways temporarily opening lounge doors to many more guests. The guest policy has been extended through April 15 to permit up to 5 additional guests. However that’s not supposed to apply to the Concorde Room, with even Concorde Room-eligible passengers directed to lesser lounges when bringing extra guests.

Passengers in the British Airways Galleries First Lounge Self Pour Champagne

Staff do not expect to be able to restock prior to Tuesday. They’re not authorized to walk over to duty free and purchase more.

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  1. Uh, no, this is literally the situation. The title reflects exactly what’s going on, and what is in the substance of the post. That is by definition the opposite of click bait.

    Tagging it ‘alert’ is meant to be ironic. Because it’s the ultimate first world problem, not a dire emergency.

  2. Wow. Not only he literally copies every single Lucky post within minutes or hours to give his “input”, but now this? Used to be a normal blog where he would put some effort into it, with good and original content, no punctuation errors or typos, etc. It has gone downhill fast.

    Trolls: I know I know…if you don’t like it don’t read it. I am going to stop reading. I just felt like giving Gary some input to see if he can put a little more effort into it.

  3. @Al – So it’s at least as often that Lucky has a similar topic post after me as before me, and there are far fewer typos on the blog than there used to be ! What’s your objection to this post exactly? You don’t actually say.

  4. @Al

    They both trawl FlyerTalk; the race is to see who plagiarises the content first…without grammatical error.

  5. Why so many trolls on this blog? Whimsical does not equal clickbait.

    We fly BA F for the champers and will be passing through CCR within next few weeks. I’ll definitely take this topic up with the bartender.

  6. @ Gary
    Maybe I have caught the typos more lately, I don’t know. And I can’t really tell you because I don’t have the time to back and count but it does seem lately he beats you to the punch and the same stories repeat. It’s not a competition I know but creative content is key if you want us to keep reading, obviously you know that!

    With this post I just don’t like the nature of it. It doesn’t tell me anything important or newsworthy even if I’m about to visit this lounge in the next couple of days. I want to read about important news, events, changes in rewards, tricks, data, reviews. I just don’t like the whole E! Flying thing even if it’s just for the fun of it. It’s irrelevant content, to me.

  7. @Al

    You should re-read your last post. Grammar and punctuation are your friends, especially when you complain about typographical errors.


  8. @Gary – Tough crowd, but I found it pretty amusing. The final two sentences were particularly great.

  9. I find it far more upsetting that BA has no avocados for breakfast in the first class dining room as I don’t drink .Qantas always has avocados
    But if I did drink I’m sure I wouldn’t be happy
    I like Emirates Cathay and Korean because they serve Perrier
    At the end of the day either you serve a premium product or you don’t
    I’m blown away at how many posts Gary and Ben post and I don’t care who is first to post.Both have a similar take at times or different
    I like both but profess being a Gary fan First as his ability to make sense with topics comes from a greater life experience and program expertise that Ben sometimes can lack.Gary also speaks from a pure business instinct Ben sometimes more emotional and opinion over true fact.I’m grateful to both and stay highly informed as a result
    I’ve yet to see anyone yet consistently do a much job then both Gary & Ben
    And it’s become a crowded field
    Btw I’ll take typos anyday over a lack of relevant content

  10. The more likely explanation is that they are affected by the one of the UK’s major wine/drinks suppliers basically going into administration. Conviviality Ltd has announced they are about to go bankrupt, causing big problems for many customers. A subsidiary company company of Conviviality, Bibendum, supplies BAs fine wine. BA will be having to work on getting an alternative supplier in place and may have issue with other products as they work to do that.

  11. I prefer this post over some of the garbage over at TPG lately.

    – I’m Jeff and I have an opinion

  12. Some people actually care a great deal about champagne. Back in the day when JAL served Salon in F I switched my travel dates in order to get the 02 vintage on the outbound flight before they switched to the 04. On my return I had the 04 and thought that was a great decision to change my travel dates. To most that’s crazy.

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