American Passenger Fiddles With Liquid Pipe, Tells Seatmate Their 737 is Gonna Explode

American Airlines flight 1316 from Chicago – Sacramento turned around on Friday after a passenger started talking about a bomb and fiddling with a liquid filled pipe and battery.

Passenger Michael Bielinski reportedly tapped the woman beside him on the shoulder. He told her “we’re all going to die” and the “plane is going to explode.” Now these are predictions out of fear that can get anyone in trouble these days.

American Airlines Chicago O’Hare

He grabbed woman’s carry-on that was beneath her seat, he held it up, and declared “I should give this to them in case it’s a bomb, maybe it’s a good time to cut out the bomb material.” The woman told a flight attendant and also said the man smelled of gasoline.

He then “took out of his pocket what appeared to be a pipe with liquid in it and started to put a battery inside.” Uh oh.

Except the “pipe” was an e-cigarette.

The plane returned to its gate, the man was arrested, and the flight was ultimately delayed an hour and 35 minutes.

(HT: Meg Butler)

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  1. I swear this country is filled with unhinged lunatics. More and more by the day.

    As George Carlin once said, “Think about how stupid the average American is. Then realize that half of them are even dumber than that”.

  2. ^^^^^^See Greg above^^^^^^

    The unhinged type that turns EVERYTHING into a political commentary.

  3. Leave out the political commentary since this about travel. Please go to another forum that’s appropriate for your remarks! You’re wasting your time and ours.

  4. @mb2much. Yes, there may be a less than tenuous link to Trump overall, but it does mention unhinged lunatics. Bingo!

  5. Gary — Can you please screen emails with political digs? I read this blog for insight on airline travel, not wacky comments from nut jobs. Thanks.

  6. @Greg

    No, the man was on his way to meet Crooked Hillary Clinton in India to sour her aches and pains. She lost, get over it.

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