Watch: Passengers Tackle Man Who Attacked Baby, Sexually Assaulted Mother

A man onboard oneworld carrier S7 — Siberian Airlines’ Airbus A320 flight S7-3338 from St Petersburg to Novosibirsk, a twice-weekly four hour redeye, was detained by armed police on landing. He reported sexually assaulted a woman, tried to strangle other women, and even attacked a baby after shouting about ‘Olympic Gold medals’.

The 47 year old man “strode up and down the cabin randomly lashing out at travellers and then sitting next to them.”

“He grabbed and pulled her hair, then he switched to a young man, saying something to him then punching and striking him with his elbow.

“Then he went and took a seat next to another young man, and a little girl was sitting in the front, so he moved forwards and grabbed her neck.

…“Next he went to the man who was sitting in front of me with a baby in his arms.

“He said to the baby ‘Hi, little s**t’ — then tried to reach the child with his arms.

“Then he switched to me and said he would break my face, so I stood up, took off my glasses, and he attacked and hit me.

“I hit him in return — at this moment other men rushed to us and blocked him, pushing him down on a vacant seat.

Here in this video a passenger strikes him. He was “overpowered by male passengers and cabin crew members restrained him by strapping him down.”

The assailant was held in a cell at the airport. We don’t usually get to see what happens next, after the passenger is taken off the aircraft. But in this case there’s actually video of the man in his holding cell. And he’s not taking to confinement well. Or to wearing a shirt, for that matter.

(HT: Secret Flying)

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  1. I think we need background checks and breath analyzer tests for passengers and crew, prior to boarding a plane.

    So today we have a guy jumping nearly to his death at an airport. A guy attacking and assaulting passengers on a plane and someone running and stripping on the tarmac.

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