Head of New York Airports Blames Airlines for Sucking and New United Ice Cream Bowls

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  1. if the Aviation Director wants real time information, then he should get himself a twitter account. Everything he needs to know about why the PANYNJ sucks is on there in real time. If he is depending on airlines to tell some out-of-control quasi-governemntal authority that the baggage system is down, there’s 32 planes in line to takeoff or that the escalators in T4 are not working (again), then he’s in a for a long, disappointing wait. Just more government BS about why they can’t get their jobs done. (Hint: money is NOT the issue. Their 2018 budget call for $8 billion in spending)

  2. Why were the experiences at these two major American airports, separated by only about 200 miles, so dramatically different? The answer may be that, though both airports are run by public authorities, they are managed in far disparate ways. At Logan, the Massachusetts Port Authority, known as Massport, maintains near-complete control; at Kennedy, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has shifted much of the management of its terminals to airlines and other private companies, leaving the bulk of the responsibility for dealing with emergencies out of the agency’s hands.

    Privatizing was a mistake.

  3. Every time I come in to T8 {AA}, the shuttle to valet parking cannot get closer than the second or third lane. This requires going between parked cars to get to said shuttle. No enforcement. I have written to PA 3 times with no reply.

  4. Just got off the phone with the Platinum desk at AA and they say they have no information on dropping service to La Paz, Bolivia even though it is being reported in the local news media.

  5. Apparently the idiots at Delta missed the fact that Georgia is a Republican state?

    Or did they miss the fact that ATL can “boycott” Delta a lot easier than Delta can boycott ATL?

    It sure would be sad if ATL started to allow other airlines more gates there, and took some away from Delta.

    @Rick: the vast majority of Republican voters are NRA supporters. A significant majority of rural Democrat voters are NRA supporters.

    Intelligent politicians don’t piss off their voters, no matter how much NY media types want them to

  6. It seems obvious to me that airlines and other companies were doing enough business that they were looking for a reason to break ties with any group that would purchase their product regardless of their group discount.
    Likewise, who would avoid buying a Delta ticket if Delta kept the NRA relationship?
    Genuine deal breakers are price, schedule, and whether or not I can bring my comfort companion on board, provided he is not larger than the carry on size (22″x14x8″ and less than 35 lbs?)

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