TSA Authorizes Model Chrissy Teigen To Bring Her Emotional Support Casserole on a Plane

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen is a legit frequent flyer who longs to blog about airline food instead of gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated.

And she was the best source for breaking news about an ANA flight turning back to LAX just after Christmas.

Credit: Chase

Her twitter feed is must-follow for the latest in passenger experience.

She calls out @AmericanAir with her question, and even tries out a novel angle for bringing her food onboard.

They direct her to @AskTSA who gets the definitive answer.

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  1. […] TSA Authorizes Model Chrissy Teigen To Bring Her Emotional Support Casserole on a Plane. – When will this madness end?!?!?  Ok, this is more of a joke than anything.  But the rules for flying seem to be fluid and not entirely straightforward.  I know this is the price we pay for them trying to keep us safe, but some things are truly ridiculous. […]


  1. Sometimes TSA doesn’t allow us to bring yogurt with nuts and fruit we add to it into the plane cabin. Tell us that yogurt is a liquid, even we make it real chunky with the nuts and blueberries.

  2. TSA agents at O’Hare have given someone I know a hard time about bringing Nutisystem bars and popcorn (unopened and in original bag) on the plane in carry on (and he has TSA precheck.) He also was given a hard time bringing a cup of dried unopened Nutrisystem noodles (the kind you mix with hot water.) Each time an agent gives him a hard time he asks for a supervisor.

  3. @ORD Flyer. Frozen soup should be fine, as by definition it is a ‘solid’. I’ve tested the theory. Just point this out to your friendly TSA screener.

  4. Hmm, frozen soup, I don’t think so. I had a jar of shea butter which is solid at any normal room temperature, and they wouldn’t let me take it, because it “could become” a liquid.

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