Lufthansa Flight Accidentally Reported it Was Being Hijacked and Free Credit Scores for Everyone

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  1. Gary – related to the Lufthansa incident, where in the article does it mention about nuclear attack… your taglines need to be better and more accurate instead of usual jargon or the lack of sense of humor you report on a daily basis.

  2. @Jargon the nuclear attack was a reference to Hawaii, not a summary of the article, what you dub ‘lack of sense of humor’ just means you don’t connect with me and that’s cool.

  3. I can’t be the only one who reads VFTW comments solely to see how much people are bitching about Gary, can I? It amazes me how seriously some people still take the internet in 2018.

  4. Re Lufthansa: Transponder codes 7500, 7600, 7700. Used to be the first was hijack, the second radio failure, the third emergency. Great way to light up the controller’s radar screen… so one would generally avoid 7700 for 2 reasons : a) the radio works b) busy with the emergency. .

    One would think if Al Qaeda can pay for flight school, the codes would be known to a terrorist.

    At one point , years ago 2 way radio failure was to squawk 7700 for 1 minute followed by 7600.
    Given the proliferation of handheld transceivers I can’t recall using any of these codes in 42 years as a pilot.
    “Roll the equipment , please” I’ve used a few times, to have the fire trucks standing by.

    I can’t even recall being asked about transponder codes on a. flight review. However, it’s possible to roll through these codes when resetting to the ATC assigned code. That’s why pilots are taught to put transponders in SBY mode when changing. I’m sure sonenewer models do this when changing codes

  5. @G.Hayduke… I thought we tune into VFTW for the ad’s. The comments provide unexpected entertainment… and an occasional opportunity to vent to the airlines and banks, customer expectations, knowing, all along, that they really don’t care while pretending they do. Like a good politician or, dare I say it, lawyer, does.

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