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  1. Mildly humerous pic, but no harm for them to see their competitors product sometimes. I assume most of them stay at Marriott properties fairly frequently

  2. Oh yeah baby! Marriott full capitulation. Maybe they will learn a thing or two on how to provide a full breakfast to elites.

  3. I disagree that the HR LAX lounge is great, The size is nice, but the selections are very minimal. Unfortunately, it’s the only HR in all of LA.

  4. The cost to them to go elsewhere is probably lower than the opportunity cost, in dollars and customer goodwill, of making one of their own facilities unavailable to their customers. Seems smart to me.

  5. I totally understand why. Have you seen parking at Marriott LAX? I think the same laxative-laden pigeon and door-dingers find my car every time I go there.

  6. As most Marriott properties are franchise owned, I would be extremely pissed if I were a franchisee in the area with comparable facilities.

  7. This is a normal practice in the hotel business where we host other hotels meetings or functions and they do the same. It is sometimes done as a trade or at a favorable cost.

  8. @David — ok but it is not a good look for consumers to see Hyatt hosting a Marriott exec event. At least the event should be renamed to something without Marriott in the title.

  9. Very valid point. When I was in hotel business and we had a meeting at a competitor we would not post it on the event board in the lobby.

  10. This is not wholly atypical. I once interviewed for a role with Choice and they put me up in a Hilton because it was better than any property they had within a reasonable distance to their (then) offices in Silver Spring, MD.

    BTW, didn’t get the gig and I’m actually kind of glad in hindsight.

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