Another Hit From the Marriott-Starwood Merger and Saving the A380 Program Gets Real

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  1. I think net negative, I remember when one of the Hilton properties I stay at changed to Pepsi, they changed back within less than a year. Just means I need to bring my own beverage with me or better yet drink water as long as it is not Dasani or Aquafina

  2. Look, people can have differing opinions on lots of things. So to call one change from one brand to another a net negative for a merger is pretty nit-picky, I think.

    Having said that, Pepsi is gross, people who prefer it are wrong, and this is awful.

  3. Drinking soda is bad so either way I think it is bad. Seriously, last time I drank soda was probably 20 years ago. Could not be happier.

  4. I’m still at a loss how so many bloggers think that Emirates’ order has saved the A380. All that order has done is prolong the program. In order to save it multiple airlines would need to place some significant orders, at least in the 10 plane range. Diversification is a good thing, tied to just one airline is a killer.

  5. My goodness, i don’t understand what the big stink is about marriott changing to pepsi. i feel if we are already up in arms about soda choices, marriott execs will see this as “whatever we do won’t please them so we’ll just do whatever since it won’t matter”.

  6. I have to confess to a diet soda addiction, which gives me my daily dose of caffeine. But I don’t want to drink aspartame.. I only buy Diet Pepsi, as it is not sweetened with aspartame, but with splenda. I know many think they are both bad, but it makes a big difference to me. So hooray for Marriott/Starwood. Admittedly a minuscule issue in today’s world, but there’s my 2 cents worth1

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