What’s Going on at the Fairfield Inn Salt Lake City

An anti-prostitution Utah lawmaker chose the Fairfield Inn Salt Lake City to meet a prostitute. And have the legislature pay for the room.

House chief of staff Greg Hartley told the Associated Press that the married Stanard — who resigned Tuesday night — was reimbursed for two hotel stays while he was attending legislative meetings at the state capital.

The 43 year old from St. George, Utah considers himself “a strong advocate for conservative family values.. as well as for traditional marriage.”

‘I told him I had Googled him and we talked about what he does. He said he comes up to Salt Lake a lot and he would like to see me again.

‘He said he never does this sort of stuff in St. George because it is really culturally strict down there.’

The escort of three years, who has appeared in porn films, says Stanard returned on a business trip that summer and they met at the same hotel on August 22.

Fairfield Inn By Marriott Salt Lake City Downtown, credit: Marriott

He had voted to increase the penalty for solicition to $2500. And he’s now resigned his office.

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  1. Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggert, Ted Haggard, Eliot Spitzer…the list goes on. Those that condemn the loudest usually have the most to hide. Hypocrites. Silence is better than bullshit.

  2. She only charged $250 AND he earned hotel points from it? At least his fiscally conservative agenda is intact.

  3. I think sex work ought to be legal.
    I consider it a woman’s right to chose, chose what she wants to do with her body. It is not a line of work I would recommend, however I don’t believe it should be illegal.

    What we mock about the right wing Republicans who get caught doing that which they so publicly condemn, is their self righteousness.

  4. @OlderWoman… Mocking the “self-righteousness” of Republicans, while not mocking the “self-righteousness” of Democrats, particularly the Hollywood elite, is itself a mockery.
    Clearly politicians, law enforcement, judges, news media, believe in a double standard and we know this because crime is rampant and criminal justice is ineffective until it involves these elites.

  5. Yeah that remodel looks great. Looks like they turned a few tricks to turn it around but when you call, girl, you’re gonna like it. They’ve got me hooked!

  6. @Keefer, @Leef33 You are right it happens on both sides but only one side claims to be the conservative Christian, family values, law and order, moral high horse party. It is a completely different thing when a movie star has an affair to when a supposed “family values” politician who just voted to increase legal penalties for prostitution gets caught with a hooker.

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