Comedian Tells Conan About Finding Poop in Her Blanket on Delta Airlines

Comedian Nicole Byer went on Conan last night and told the story about finding poop in a sealed blanket on Delta last March.

Here’s where she apologizes for the quality of the photo of the poop.

Here’s the story.

She was flying from Louisiana to Atlanta enroute to Los Angeles on Delta when she pulled her first class blanket out of sealed plastic and “brown crumble falls on me” then she saw a “brown thing” and the smell hit her. She told a flight attendant… whose first reaction was to get his phone and take pictures. She found poop in her phone a week later since the phone was in her lap.

It’s hard to imagine how this happened. Delta wouldn’t have done it themselves. At American they launder blankets at an industrial cleaning facility with “oversight to ensure procedures are adhered to.”

At United Airlines they instruct flight attendants to stop passengers from stealing the blankets. Who knew the easy way to do that would just be to package poop inside the plastic?

Here’s the compensation Byer wound up with, though she told Conan they wanted a non-disclosure agreement but she wouldn’t do that. Instead she re-told the story on national television.

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  1. As gross as that sounds, I’d be ok with finding poop in a blanket if I got a free flight, a 50k Miles and a $600 credit.

  2. @Jon

    Bet you’re right. Probably left by a “emotional support animal” as a protest to Delta’s new effort to ban them. Expect to see a lot more “gifts” left by these animals.

  3. That washed and dried poop probably had less bacteria than her seat and tray table thanks to previous passengers who didn’t wash their hands after relieving themselves.

  4. ‘She found poop in her phone a week later since the phone was in her lap.’

    Now this I DON’T believe.

    BTW, it is Delta Air Lines…not Airlines

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