Family Attacks Airport Security, Body Slamming One to the Ground

Ricardo Vidal and his family landed at Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport. He was stopped by security “as he tried to return airside after discovering baggage handlers were on strike and attempted to return to pick up his luggage.”

He wasn’t having any of it. He got into a tussle with the officers. His two sons joined in to help him. One officer hit his head and was knocked unconscious with one of the family members on top of him. He suffers from a head injury. One of the sons “picked up a steel bollard used by security staff and went to attack another with it as other travellers looked on astonished.”

More security staff responded and eventually took control of the situation. The three men were arrested, though have been released on bail.

I don’t even know what to say. Frustrating as airport security may be, there’s no excuse for what’s on this video, and I’m surprised that an incident like this which occurred during international travel led to such quick bail.

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  1. Even a tolerant society will require jail time for something like this, possibly prison time.

    But the problem in the US comes in the fat states where the lardazz rednecks pollute the US and have now permanently destroyed our reputation in the world. It would get a “good ole boy” judge who would give a 20 year prison sentence.

    There is no moderation there at all. They only exist any longer to sabotage the US in retribution for the Civil War and that they can’t own slaves, oppress minorities or push their vile gotcha morals on decent people. Thank God they announce themselves with the 300-500 pounds so we can avoid, and like the rest of the civilized world teach the children who ruined the great USA.

  2. In Latin America, if you are wealthy and/or have connections, you can get away with a lot. A lawyer from South America told me nonchalantly how he and his friends beat up a taxi driver who drove into their car and claimed not to have money to pay for the repair. “To teach him a lesson.” He didn’t seem to have at all been apprehensive that this might have led to his arrest, nor did he seem to think his actions were remarkable in any way.

  3. Hey Caveman Greg. Uga Uga Uga. Hatem America. UuuuGAAH. Stompem American flag. Ok goo Goo G00. Uga Uga Uga. [Peace sign.] [ I have learned while traveling that when you deal with uncivilized natives, you have to adapt. Listen, when you run into a savage head hunter, the only way you survive is to pretend to be friendly.]

    I still want to go to Argentina. I have heard it is great.

  4. @Greg – America’s open borders go both ways… If you hate it so much here there’s nothing stopping you from leaving. Or are you one of those people who vowed to move to Canada if Trump got elected and then promptly stayed put?

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