Passengers Demand Beer, Join Mile High Club at Their Seats, You Know What Happened Next

The Mile High Club is over 100 years old. The very first couple to try it were using a Curtiss Flying Boat C‑2 off Long Island. The woman was cheating on her husband who was serving abroad in World War I. They managed to disengage the autopilot while engaged in their congress, sending the plane into the water. They were found naked by duck hunters.

Usually passengers use the lavatory. Virgin Atlantic once claimed they had to replace baby changing tables as a result. (Really they were just trying to suggest their flights are so awesome people have sex on them, the claim about the baby changing tables was likely apocryphal.)

Far less common is having sex at your seat as one couple tried to do onboard a Ryanair flight but that story went viral because (1) there was video and (2) the passengers had just met. In that case the airline, apparently, refused to intervene. You never know in advance whether or not you’re going to get away with public inflight sex.

Tommy Lee for instance got away with it on a one hour American Airlines flight. He didn’t need much time in the forward lav.

But this non-celebrity couple got arrested after their Sun Country Las Vegas – Minneapolis flight on January 21. They’re facing “a misdemeanor charge of engaging in gross lewdness or lascivious behavior.”

Police said the behavior involved her head under a blanket that was over his lap.

Kohn told police her head was under the blanket for 2 seconds, while a woman seated a row back told the Star Tribune it was closer to 5 to 10 minutes.

…Jenny Huschka of Woodbury said the couple were “making out, and she was touching him all over. … It was nonstop.”

Sure they were talking about joining the mile high club but they claim that was ‘a joke’ meanwhile they demanded beer before the flight departed and became ‘belligerent’ with flight attendants when refused.

What happens when you try to join the Mile High Club is somewhat arbitrary. If you draw too much attention to yourself you increase risk. If you anger flight attendants you’re handing them the power for retribution. But retribution doesn’t always come in the form of police.

Sometimes all that happens is you’re made fun of. Three years ago passengers on a Norwegian flight were mocked over the flight’s PA system for joining the mile high club. The announcement was made in Swedish, though, and the passengers on the Paris – Stockholm flight didn’t speak Swedish.

At least this attempt at joining the mile high club was done by two people, unlike this man in 2015.

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  1. Gary: It appears that the main reason for AA to introduce the ultra slim lavatories on new B737 was to discourage the “Mile High Club” behavior. You cannot possibly fit two people there!

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