Rapper Paul Wall Got a Disabled Veteran Fired at United for Abusing Buddy Pass

Paul Wall has been rapping for 20 years. He used to release albums with Chamillionaire. He’s had a modest acting career and some video games. And apparently he flies regularly on a friend’s buddy pass.

And he got his friend fired.

He says his friend is a ‘combat disabled veteran’. Then he should feel extra bad.

United says Wall used the buddy pass to fly for business, and that’s not permitted. Wall says he thinks United started digging into his flight history after he “dissed them on twitter.” Which is a very bad idea if you’re flying on a buddy pass.

The rapper believes he’s done nothing wrong.

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  1. people don’t understand the power of the Internet, they only think of ways to benefit themselves. But if you can see it can back fire, I feel sorry for his friend. The rapper got a discounted rate and still complained.

  2. These buddy passes that airline employees have come with a whole list of rules and stipulations that have be followed…you can’t sell them, ‘buddies’ have to abide by a dress code, and yes, you can’t give them to people to use them for business purposes. These are designed as an added benefit to employees and when people abuse them or use them for unintended purposes they get taken away and people lose their jobs. This is no different than a retail employee getting terminated for using their discount for friends and friends of friends.

  3. I believe there is more to this story. Wonder if more will ever come out. Do Buddy Passes need to go away?

  4. Way to go, get your buddy fired.

    I never handed out buddy passes when I had them, I was too worried about what my moronic friends would do and how it would get back to me.

    And @Scott, in this day of crowded planes I think these passes should go away, I’d have a hard time sending a friend to the airport when planes go out so full now.

  5. Of course there’s more to the story. Our crack journalist here, the natural inheritor of Woodward and Bernstein’s mantle, took two tweets and turned it into an “article” and got clicks via the salacious title.

    Thought leader indeed.

  6. This one reason why I stopped giving out buddy passes. Employee is 100% responsible for all buddy pass riders

  7. PaulWallBaby……you poor thing. Now you have to dig into your wallet to buy tickets when you fly to perform this “charity work”.

    Go tweet yourself.

  8. Let’s be honest here. I doubt Paul Wall was given the buddy passes as he had been using them regularly. His friend was probably selling them for cash in some manner.

  9. If the employee was aware that his “buddy” was using the pass in this manner, which is clearly not allowed and must be agreed to before handing out this benefit, he got himself fired. Hard to believe this was going on for 16 years and he was not aware. It is a contract benefit, not a right.

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