Trick to Save at Disney and Flying the Air France First Class Mistake Fare

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  1. Judging from the selfies posted from that Air France experience, the flight was the “Panda Express”.

  2. I must say that of all the worthless “money-saving tricks” I’ve ever read, using Amazon Prime to ship water to your Disney hotel may claim the top prize. Obviously, nobody in the USA really needs bottled water. It’s a convenience, at best (an environmental mistake, at worst). And the idea of dealing with a shipment at Disney for water boggles my mind.

    If you want water anywhere at Disney, a real trick (if you want to call it that) is to go to any place that serves fountain drinks and ask for it, with ice. It’s always free. Disney water problem solved.

  3. @iahphx – Too many people overlook the free cup of ice water at Disneyland. Also high on my list is to bring a refillable water bottle. I saw that PizzaInMotion posted the Amazon Prime tip the other day…the REAL tip he mentioned was to use a car service rather than the DisneyWorld shuttle from the airport and stop at the grocery store for supplies, a MUCH better tip since many Disney hotel rooms come with some sort of kitchenette.

  4. Buying bottled water is ridiculous.
    Sheriff Clarke needs to go to jail not serve in public office.
    As for WilliamC, You think you’re clever or something? Screw off you racist a**.

  5. Use the car service, stop by the store, buy vodka/gin and tonic, whiskey, etc (or what you like) and save real money.

  6. Gary – don’t know if you saw this video today from Tripp and Tyler – they do a lot of Corporate Parody videos no doubt it will be shared everywhere – but if not….

  7. @Robert — I wouldn’t think this blog gets much of a Disney crowd, but if we’re talking Real Tips for Sophisticated Travelers, I would definitely agree about skipping Disney’s free “Magical Express” to and from the airport. Due to delays at MCO (and I’ve seen some lengthy ones), Disney requires Magical Express pax to board busses 4 hours before their flight. Real world example: one guest I ran into had a 7:10 am flight and was required to be her bus at 3:10 am!

    Personally, I simply rent a car at MCO, since as a Disney guest you get free parking at all their hotels and theme parks. I’m guessing you could also rely on Uber to get around, but from what I saw that might be more troublesome than having your own car. It’s a matter of personal preference, I think, and how much travelling around Disney World you’ll be doing. I only take my family when we have a free Disney Dining package, which requires visits to several of their high-end hotels, so a car is particularly convenient.

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