Meltdown: Passenger Punches Ceiling, Takes Off Shirt

A drunk man went on a tirade on a jetBlue flight departing Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

Before things really heat up you see passengers walking in the aisle, dealing with luggage in the overhead bin, and hear the flight attendant call button pressed repeatedly. A flight attendant announces that “if you continue to press the call button, you’re gonna be staying here in Santo Domingo. If you continue to press it playing games you will be staying here in Santo Domingo.”

That’s when the passenger loses it. He punches light panels and ceiling above him from his window seat. Then he moves out of his row into the aisle.

A flight attendant for the airline tries to calm him down before giving up (“I’m done with you.”). The man is ordered to sit, but gets belligerent. He even takes off his shirt as part of the meltdown, though his travel companion insists he put it back on.

You can hear another passenger in the video saying “going viral..” And the video ends unresolved. However it’s not the first time a jetBlue Santo Domingo passenger has been unruly.

(HT: Secret Flying)

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  1. Just another day on the Santa Domingo flight. If I were the pilot I would not have flown that plane until that lunatic was removed. He was punching the ceiling and was without a doubt a safety risk.
    So much chaos and very little control.

  2. Safest for everyone would be to Withdraw and call the police to remove him. It was clear at the beginning he couldn’t fly.

    This is the time you use that option, not in an overbooking.

  3. Good thing it wasn’t a white guy or we’d have nothing but comments about how this guy voted for Trump. Crazy takes many forms, it isn’t just limited to white Trump voters.

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