Supermodel Reports Flight Returning to LAX, Carrying Passenger Not Supposed to Be Onboard

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen is a legit frequent flyer who longs to blog about airline food instead of gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Credit: Chase

Today she was onboard ANA flight NH175 from Los Angeles to Tokyo and she’s reported live that the flight is turning back to Los Angeles because they discovered a passenger on the aircraft who isn’t supposed to be onboard.

@PointstoPointB flagged the affected flight:

That’s certainly a rough travel day. Developing…

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  1. Social-media driven celebrity posts insignificant event on social media, gets attention on social media, and is reposted to get clicks on blogs. #Yawn.

    Q: What’s worse than Fake News? A: #NotNews.

  2. Like the old Blonde joke, the capt goes back and tells the lady sitting in the wrong part of the plane, “First Class don’t stop in Tokyo…”

  3. Do you know the rest of the story? How did he get on board? How did they discover him once they were in the air? Why did they return instead of continuing the flight?

  4. Chrissy is right the SOP is idiotic. If there is an immigration issue with the passenger then presumably the plane could more easily divert to Alaska or Hawaii (though admittedly a bit off the flight path) to drop the miscreant and continue the journey. Back to LAX makes no sense except in a world of middle management who can’t think outside the box.

  5. Boraxo: I am sure that there exist, very specific international regulations on what to do in this situation. Not an off the cuff decision by a stewardess or middle management.

  6. I was on a plane that was not allowed to leave the gate until they retrieved a bag that was loaded on the plane but the passenger did not board. Federal law prohibits a plane and passenger not to travel on a plane unless both are on that plane. Now what kind of international event would happen if the plane the one brother wasn’t on blew up while landing at Tokyo or the plane he was flying on and the Isis copied the ticket and smuggled a member to do so in an international flight. I believe what the airline did was follow federal regulations.

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