Family Tried to Sneak Dead Man Through Security and Prison For Passengers Who Clap on Landing

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  • Because his airline doesn’t offer a first class cabin for $100, Alex.

  • How to stay sane during Thanksgiving travel. An airline credit card still gets you priority boarding and a carry on bag even on United’s and American’s basic economy fares. And be nice to airline staff when things go wrong, they’ll be more helpful to you that way.

    Travel expert Gary Leff, author of the View from the Wing blog, recommends checking your airline credit card for benefits like early boarding. That could apply even if you’ve purchased the rock-bottom fare.

    …”It’s never a great idea to argue because that won’t end well for the passenger,” said travel blogger Leff. “Things are going to go wrong. Flights are going to get cancelled, there are going to be delays. The person … didn’t cause the problem. It’s the happiest time of the year. Relate with them, empathize. You’ll get people more on your side.”

  • The data behind Emirates’ choice of the Boeing 787-10 the 787 is better for cramming in more passengers uncomfortably on medium-haul routes.

  • Air Canada to institute mandatory prison sentences for passengers who clap after landing (parody)

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  • Weekend at Bernies.. without leaving the airport?

    A family tried to sneak a dead man, propped up in a wheelchair, through airport security in New York. A couple had to be stopped while having sex in the corner of a Phoenix, Arizona, airport terminal. A man flying out of Chicago, Illinois, set a rat free, insisting he had to do this for religious purposes.

  • 7 cases of Legionnaires’ disease tied to Las Vegas’ Rio hotel

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  1. This is absolutely terrible! I don’t want to have to read about a couple having sex with a dead rat, that they managed to get through security while in a wheelchair. I mean, don’t people have better things to do in the Phoenix International airport?

  2. American’s credit card does not get you priority boarding. It puts you in group 5 out of 10. Last time I flew with them, half the plane boarded, and then they didn’t even announce group 5.

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