Rapping Delta Flight Attendant Busts Rhyming Safety Announcements

On flights that offer inflight entertainment we usually get a safety video. It’s choreographed, sometimes a little bit funny, but most of the time ultimately corporate.

In part because of the fun corporate culture, in part because there’s no plane-wide video on the airline, when we think of awesome safety announcements we usually think of Southwest.

However Delta seems to be a place where fun safety announcements have a home — at least if you’re crew on one of their regional carriers.

On November 10 a rapping flight attendant on a Montgomery, Alabama to Atlanta flight shared this little ditty,

‘Snap that seatbelt into place around your waist like it’s going out of fashion..

Unexpected rough air can happen, so when the seatbelt sign goes off keep it on with a passion.

‘Use your hands to release, I believe you can do it with ease’.

…This plane is equipped with four exits; to at the front, two over the wings, so now it’s time to bring – let’s fly, fly, high up in the sky.’

Here’s better quality recording of the rapping Delta flight attendant from earlier in the month:

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  1. Sooo much better than the pole dancing tease flight attendant from a few days ago. But, I just can’t help but think this is still unprofessional and a disservice to the safety announcement. Yes it’s boring, yes its long, yes it’s seems unneeded, but there very well may be people on the plane that have never flown before. Possibly prole that have major anxiety over flying, or some that just forget common sense. It’s a saftey announcement, not open mic night.

  2. I feel bad for the people who hate rap music. You think you’ve gotten away from the cars playing this noise and then on a safety annoucement there it is again.

    Some people are fortunate enough to find this entertainment.

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