Man Spends 6 Hour Flight Either Exercising or Practicing Having Sex.. With Himself

Yesterday I wrote about a man who didn’t have patience waiting for a flight attendant to collect his meal tray. He simply dropped it in the aisle so he could close his tray table.

Reader Chuck H. thinks he has that beat. He shares a recent 6 hour flight where a passenger on the other side of the aisle from him spent “hour after hour” doing something that either resembles exercising or practicing having sex (with himself?):

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Ultimately flying has become very small-d democratic. On the one hand that means more people can travel, and since flying is safer than most other forms of transportation bringing people off of buses and into planes is a great stride for public safety.

It’s also why the economics of travel have changed so that it makes sense for airlines to squeeze comfort and amenity out of coach class, appealing to the broadest possible mass of traveler.

At the same time planes are full with huddled masses of all sorts bringing their personal baggage, their behaviors and preferences, into a small metal tube that mixes us all together. That’s great for diversity, not so great for social cohesion, but amazing for people watching.

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  1. He’s doing one of the 5 rites of Tibetan yoga… mobility and strength and vitality system. The old writings recommend 21 reps but some monks would work up to 108 reps…which is analogous to the “108 sins of man”. It’s normally done from the floor (“table maker” exercise) so it’s easier to get more reps from his position.

  2. He was CLEARLY DOING AB EXERCISES KNUCKLEHEAD! We’re you droning before you Boarded, Heavily at that?! OMG, Foolish! SMH

  3. I have to agree with Billy Bob. I think that is exercise that is very specific and this person has techniques to use every muscle so as to stay in shape.
    My prediction is that as he ages, this man will experience lower back pain NEVER.

  4. We are living in a very narcissistic society, a me me me world. I come first and nobody else matters. Piggish behavior rules And it now also comes from the top down.

  5. What’s with randomly inserting sex into all your articles? Some metric that helps you sell more cards? Those are tricep dips. Very, very common exercise.

  6. Did he wait for the seat belt sign to go off? And the window seat passenger got to do the limbo every time they needed to use the restroom.

    Seriously I would be quite annoyed if he was the middle seat and I was his seat neighbor (either side). How could you eat or drink with all that going on???

  7. @Jon thanks for your kind implications, for what it’s worth i meet a trainer twice a week for an hour each and i have a treadmill next to my desk that i walk on while i read and write, i don’t share that to suggest i do as much as i should just that rather than asking for folks to speculate you can ask me the question and the answer is empirically ‘yes’…

  8. @Gary, as you know I’m a big fan of yours and others who freely offer comment, insight, and links to articles of interest regarding the airlines, hotels, travel, and great offers on credit cards whenever banks are being extra generous in offering sweeteners to apply!

    But on this post, where you see these schlubs’ piss-poor behavior as “small d” democratization of coach/economy cabins justifying the piss-poor behavior of many airline managements in how they treat their coach/economy passengers, or the contempt for these passengers shown by seats they cannot reasonably fit in for many hours, in rows squished together so tightly (using safety protocols/templates devised so long ago it’s as if it happened at the dawn of the jet age) plus other indignities coach/economy passengers now commonly experience, then I’m going to respectfully disagree with you on that “reasoning”.

    Both of these schlubs’ examples show exceptionally bad mannered, selfish, creeps engaging in crude, anti-social behavior.

    And I’m sorry, I don’t buy the lame excuse that this rude, class-less behavior has anything to do with bank accounts exclusive to coach passengers as reason enough for the appallingly bad “densified” coach/economy cabins that some either for professional reasons, or whom are blessed with exceptional wealth, can safely, or smugly, assert from their perches in first or business class, feel entitled to hold their noses and pass off as being the riff-raff getting exactly the inhumane crowding and other burdens (conveniently allowing for ever more spacious and commodious individual suites and pods with direct aisle access for the priveleged, space hogging few upfront) imposed on those not blessed with unlimited resources, or other industry afforded special access, to routinely fly upfront in premium cabins.

    Bad manners is bad manners in any cabin – just ask those who endured a United flight several years ago from South America where some jerk from the “Masters of the Universe” crowd got angry when the flight attendants deemed him too drunk to be served any more booze, and he decided to express how he felt about being told “No” after a lifetime of always getting his way, by promptly climbing atop the trolly in the aisle, pulling his pants down, and defecating on it in front of everyone in the pointy end of the plane.

    Money doesn’t buy anyone class…and from the appearance of both of these jerks seen in the photos, neither of them looks exactly “poor” based on the clothing worn, their accesssories such as the earphones on the triceps dipper, or of course, whatever textbook/work-related bound document/book that is being read by the pig who dumped his tray in the aisle because the inflight “maid”/“waitress” (in his mind) didn’t come and clear his place immediately after he snapped his fingers!

    Jerks are jerks…no matter what “class” in the airlines’ caste system they’re encountered…

    Nothing more, nothing less.

    Just sayin’…

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