Man Dumps Food in the Aisle Instead of Waiting for Flight Attendant to Pick Up Tray

MinecraftThugLife took this photo on a recent flight and then shared it on Reddit.

The passenger apparently ate what he wanted and decided he wanted to read without his meal tray in the way. I’ve certainly had flights where I’ve been frustrated with how long it can take flight attendants to return to pick up trays, that’s a staffing issue rather than the fault of an individual flight attendant most of the time and only a problem because there’s not enough room to work with the tray still there.

I think what impresses me most about this incident is that he dropped this on the ground but his cup of water is still full. It’s a miracle of modern physics.

When I call out passengers for putting their bare feet on the bulkhead, the arm rest of the passenger in front of them, or their seat back there are always readers who hit the comments to defend the behavior. Will anyone defend dropping your meal tray in the aisle?

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  1. I fly 100k miles a year and have seen this several times. Usually it’s placed not thrown or dropped. Typically out of frustration, you see the attendants all standing around chatting and laughing for long periods of time. Especially on international flights, also it appears it was placed and maybe other seats were frustrated and also added to the mess?

  2. regarding bare feet — they are not clean. i don’t want to see them, smell them, or be touched by them. period! …and if shoes end up on an armrest or seat, that is not much better. they have walked through all the filth of airports and do not belong next to a fellow passenger.

  3. What about FA (accidentally) dumping another person’s meal on you (as they attempt to only serve yrs)??? Flying Intl US Airline biz cl, 1/2 thru flight, had salad parts, yes tomatoes inside my shoes, fish pieces/parts all over me. (so gross) All they gave me onboard was $175 voucher. My daughter, same flight (prob her was her fish dinner, she was seated 2 rows back) wrote to airline bc entertainment system only worked part of the flight. They sent her $400 voucher. Life isn’t fare. A meal dump anywhere isn’t fun or appropriate.

  4. His mother must be so proud.

    Forgetget the tray. What about all the other trash just dumped in the aisle. What if there was an emergency and people needed to get through.

    Makes one wonder how people were raised.

    Absolute selfish douche bag move.

  5. This guy needs to fly United.

    As for people who put their bare feet on anything…that’s just gross. There’s no defending that. Go back to the barn.

  6. Thats the results of the LCC carriers offering rock bottom prices. For airfares it brings these trailer trash people out of the trailer parks and onto the aircraft

  7. What a Selfish & Lazy Assh*le!!! Could have just press the service button. Someone could have walk pass and slip on that tray and hurt badly. Airlines should have blacklisted this kind of passenger.

  8. This Clown needs to be Banned from The Airline…..They certainly do Not need His Business. And as far as the bare naked Pigs Foot….. I can Only imagine the width of Her Ass. keep Her in The Barn!

  9. I’ve seen passengers clipping toenails and fingernails on planes. Just letting clippings fall where they may. The new world. It is everyone all about himself or herself.

  10. Isn’t that a safety issue – you can’t put your bag in the aisle, same with garbage … not to mention you can stand up and go the garbage area in the front or back of plane … and those are the UGLIEST feet I’ve ever seen. Would they might if I threw up on those?

  11. Looks like coach. There’s so many paper napkins and a small crummy tray.

    I’ve only been tempted once to do this. About 4 years ago coming back from Honolulu on the redeye to LAX on United in business class. Absolutely the worst flight ever. After our crummy “meal” (a tiny, cold, after-hours snack) was served we literally got no sevice for at least 1 1/2 hrs. All FOUR FA’s (they came up from the back) closed the curtain on the front galley and laughed and ate and ignored any call. We all just looked at each other in the dark in disbelief. After the 6th or 7th time pushing my call button one of them finally came out and started clearing. She had the nerve to ask us if we’d “finished.”
    Just wanting to move past that and trying to sleep, we were again subjected to loud cackling, shrieking, noise and commotion from the crew behind the curtain. You could hear them OVER noise canceling headsets.
    But even in that situation I held onto my tray…..but at least 2 of my fellow business class passengers didn’t. They plopped their trays in the aisle and tried to get to sleep. Unfortunately I was in a window seat. 🙁

  12. I’ve actually witnessed a passenger carrying 4…yes FOUR full trays of food from the aircraft (stacked on top one another) while waiting in line at immigration at LAX. This was the actual tray of food from the airline with the square dishes, utensils and all! This was before I got Global Entry 😉

    Then one tray fell…face down…cake, meat, salad….everywhere on the floor. As you can imagine, customs agents were there in a flash, and pulled the passenger and their entire party aside! :-p

  13. So you think that putting feet on armrests is bad news? I’ve been flying for over 30 years and have amassed over 3 million miles on various Airlines. I thought I’d seen it all, that is until a recent 6 hr. flight when this happened in the seat next to me! And what made it worse is that it kept going on hour after hour. Absolutely bizarre.

  14. I bet most of the people who comment here rarely fly economy class, and if they do it is only for short flights. So their outrage and condemnation is duly noted from their position of privilege where after meal trays are cleared quickly. As a reader who flys 1/2 the time economy & 1/2 the time Economy Plus, I TOTALLY understand the flyer putting their tray on the floor. It is actually like being in prison and I have used that exact term with my husband, the Flight Attendants by NOT removing your tray after a meal have you locked in, you can’t get up and go to the bathroom because everybody in your row has their food tray on the tray table, and you can’t get through with all the tray tables down.

    For those of us who fly cattle class I GET THIS. I have flown for 40 years international and it annoys me no end when the flight attendants delay clearing of the trays. I feel like I am literally in prison when they do this. Many people after eating have to go to the bathroom, yet we sit in economy locked in tray table prison not able to move about freely until they get in the mode to actually clear our trays. This happens a LOT, but most ppl who post here wouldn’t know that since ya’ll are always flying business class where you get better service. You are never in tray table prison be we in cattle class frequently are. I might do this myself now that I have seen this idea. Honestly AN HOUR after the last person has been served and they don’t come and clear the trays, yes this has happened, not once, not twice but many times, yeah good idea to put your tray in the isle.

  15. this is why you should just reject the meal in the first place. there definitely isn’t anything on that tray worth having it sit in front of you for a hour or more. I have simply quit eating in coach except for some snacks that I bring myself.

  16. Rod, this is not an appropriate comment, that people who fly economy transatlantic should refuse the meal. Are you kidding me? We’re hungry. 40 years, I have 40 years under my belt flying transatlantic economy and recently with the new class, economy plus. To tell all of us travelers we should refuse the meal so as not to be in Tray Table Prison after the meal is is outrageous. Bet you never fly economy class or economy plus, transatlantic do you?

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