Airline Employees Beat a Passenger on the Tarmac, Airline Fired Employee Who Caught it on Video

A passenger was “manhandled, dragged and beaten on the tarmac” at Delhi’s airport by employees of IndiGo airlines.

Various reports are that the passenger complained heatedly about the length of time it took for the airline’s shuttle bus to arrive, and also that employees called him out for “taking shade under a plane’s wing” while waiting for the shuttle.

The Indigo Airways staff can be seen arguing and nearly strangulating Katyal even as they threw him to the ground and dragged him.

…The staffers took offence at his angry outburst and barred him from boarding the bus. The video shows the Indigo crew then pushing and throttling Katyal, even as he objects to being treated like that.

Oh and the altercation was captured on video.

The incident actually happened about three weeks ago, but video only began circulating in social media over the past couple of days. The man had been unable to obtain even an apology from IndiGo, however now that the incident has gone viral, IndiGo is publicly apologizing.

Not mentioned in the tweet is that they’ve apparently already fired the employee who took the video exposing the incident, saying he was the instigator.

In since-deleted tweets, Air India jabbed IndiGo over the incident.

No word on whether — after United fired their special team at the end of April — former executives are now consulting for IndiGo.

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  1. Sue, sue, sue, omg sue their sorry asses, they didn’t even apologize until it went public, remember this a country of the worst kind of recalcitrant people on earth, they have no shame in letting babies be born on the ghetto streets, they are a disgusting blight on this earth, i just wish they would stop breeding, too many of them

  2. I did not see the employees beating the passenger up in this video. He was prevented from boarding the bus after some kind of an argument and was physically held back. They stumbled because he was fighting the employees off and was punching them while he was on the ground. Not defending why they prevented from boarding the bus, but that’s what the video shows.

  3. I see one employee with his back to the camera seemingly warn the worker facing us that he is being recorded. The worker immediately started looking at the camera and smiling like it was a big joke. This was a verbal confrontation until the airline made it a physical one. The passenger should receive a refund for the amount of the fare he paid.

  4. I agree with Kalboz. The passenger is in the wrong here. I’m not 100% sure why they prevented him from boarding the bus, possibly has to do with the fact that he was belligerent. After he was told he couldn’t board, he still lunged for the bus and that’s when the airline employees held him back.

    Now at that point, the passenger was free, attacked the airline employees. He threw the first punch. And continue to fight AGAIN once he had been restrained.

    I don’t see anything wrong here. The moral of the story is you have to follow the instructions of airline employees and you need to do so in a calm manner.

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