5000 Free United Miles and How Passengers Scam Free Uber/Lyft Rides

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Up to 3% rebate card will launch next year after $8.5 million series A financing.

  • The lengths some riders will go to scam Uber/Lyft rides

    Yesterday my sister was deactivated and put “under investigation” with Lyft after a customer reported her for being under the influence of some substance not specified. It was an $80 ride…

    In the backseat, a down stem with bowl piece to a bong was left or planted by the riders along with three emptied beer cans . So as of right now she can’t drive and is also not being paid for the ride that she gave.

  • 10,000 United PerksPlus points for downloading the free ETA app. PerksPlus is United’s business program (like American’s Business ExtrAA and Delta’s SkyBonus) and points can be redeemed for awards or 10,000 points transfer to 5000 miles. (HT: Nick B) Valid through December 31 and you need to be a member of PerksPlus (or first join as a company).

    Download ETA on your mobile device and sign in with your work email.
    Tap on Profile at the bottom, and then select United PerksPlus Setup.
    Tap Setup to chat with an ETA agent (please be sure to have on hand your Account ID, XXXXX, and your Tour Code, XXXXX) to link your company United PerksPlus.

  • About that Tito’s vodka you drink onboard. The implication that all vodka tastes the same is of course silly.

  • Hotels are full and rates are up year-over-year.

    In comparison with the week of 9-15 October 2016, the industry recorded the following:

    Occupancy: +2.4% to 72.3%
    Average daily rate (ADR): +5.3% to US$130.83
    Revenue per available room (RevPAR): +7.8% to US$94.58

  • Brian Sumers of Skift interviews the CEO of Star Alliance airline ANA. They are looking at new US cities and won’t reduce first class seats below 8 — and he explains why they serve sashimi but not sushi onboard. Which reminds me that if you find yourself in Austin you must go to Kyōten Sushiko for omakase at dinner.

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  1. but because it is Southwest, people think it is great? It irritates me that everything that Southwest does is GOLDEN and when the other carriers do these things, people cry “Bloody Murder”.

  2. United ETAapp only available for iPhone users at this time…..or so it says on website, Android release in “the future”.

  3. the fact that Houston hotel market got a huge boost in Occ% and RevPAR but only a relatively milder increase in ADR seems to suggest it’s really a fluke as a potential combination of backloaded business-travel schedule and a small chunk of those who have to live out of hotels short-term while their houses are repaired for hurricane damage ?

  4. I don’t understand why any app that aspires to succeed isn’t released in both Apple and Android right from the start. United has a serious disdain for Android. Have you tried using their standard app for entertainment on a flight lately? If you have a version of Android that has been released in the last 18 months, it won’t work.

  5. Dude it would have helped if you mentioned the PerksPlus app was only for iOS. Just totally wasted time enrolling in PerksPlus only to be disappointed. C’mon man!!

  6. “Sharing” economy companies specialize in capitalizing on ignorance – the driver in this case is having to deal with issues cabbies (and in extension other small businesses) face all the time without any of the preparation, knowledge, or resources necessary for success.

  7. Have any of you ever tried coding an Android app for launch? It requires multiple times the engineering $$$ as iPhone. So many different versions that need to be tested.

  8. How do you go about converting to mileageplus, it seems additional requirements need to be met? Anyone successfully transfer to MileagePlus?

    Company may redeem United PerksPlus Points online United PerksPlus Account Number and PIN/Password are required.
    Upon request by the Authorized Representative, the appropriate number of Points will be deducted from the Company’s account for the requested Reward.
    Redemption policy and Points required for Rewards are available on United PerksPlus Website United Airlines will fulfill your redemption request within fourteen days of submittal.
    To be eligible to redeem Points, Company must first meet a minimum Qualifying Revenue requirement during the first 12-month Initial Term:
    US and Canada customers: Once Company’s eligible revenue totals $5,000 for three consecutive months during the Initial Term the Company can begin to redeem Points.
    Latin America, Central America and Caribbean customers: Once Company’s eligible revenue totals $3,000 during the Initial Term the Company can begin to redeem Points online.
    Accrued Points from the current Program Term may be redeemed up to the end of the third Program Term as long as the minimum Qualifying Revenue requirement was met during each of the Program Terms.
    The number of Points required for any and all Rewards is subject to modification, cancellation or limitation upon United’s notice to Company. The number of Points required to redeem any Reward may be substantially increased, any Reward may be withdrawn, and restrictions on any Reward or its redemption may be imposed upon United’s notice to Company.
    During the 90 days following Program termination, the Company is responsible to redeem any unused Points. Subsequent to such 90 day period, unredeemed Points will be forfeited to United and will no longer be available for Company’s use.
    Terms and conditions for use of Rewards are specified on the Reward certificate/document. These terms and conditions include, and are not limited to, capacity controls, applicable fees and surcharges. Rewards may not be redeemed for travel on Participating Carriers.
    After a ticket is issued in connection with Reward redemption, a service charge may be imposed for each change requested which necessitates the reissue of the ticket. A change in date or flight time may result in the imposition of a service charge. Name changes are not permitted. Tickets issued in connection with Reward redemption and not used, or subsequently cancelled due to an expired ticketing time limit, will be forfeited.
    Rewards may not be combined or used with any other rewards such as MileagePlus®, air travel certificates, discount coupons, premium offers or certain promotion fares.
    Rewards or Points may not be sold, bartered, or purchased. Rewards obtained in this manner will be voided. If a person other than the person named on the Reward attempts to use the Reward, it will be voided and travel will be denied. Altered Rewards will also be voided. Rewards deemed void will be confiscated and the Points forfeited by Company. At the discretion of United, actions which result in a void Reward may lead to termination of Company’s participation in the Program or forfeiture of all Points.
    Lost, stolen, destroyed, expired or unused Rewards will not be replaced or credited to Company’s account.

  9. Add me too the list of non-Apple users shut out from the ETA offer.
    Stupid business model not having both systems up and running together.

  10. Hi Gary.
    Can anyone persuade United NOT to devalue miles.
    I have 180k.
    Can’t get away at the moment.
    What Should we do with them?

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