Jeff Smisek’s Trump Condo is For Sale and Paypal Now Bigger Than Amex

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  1. The Paypal market cap story seems pretty misleading in terms of apples to apples. The comp names listed are all in finance but the Payments arena is largely own by PayPal and a couple other guys. The nature of what they do is consumer facing (or rather, much more volume than with all stretches of the income ladder)… and GS or MS isn’t even the same animal, definitely not even similar business models.

  2. Well, the national anthem supports slavery and celebrates violence. I think it’s time we got rid of it completely. The values it praises are quite terrible and we should come up with an anthem that supports good, not evil nationalistic cancer.

  3. Market cap is important but it doesn’t denote size. Tesla has a bigger market cap than most of the traditional auto companies but it isn’t “bigger”

  4. Regardless of how ugly or ill-begotten the anthem is/was, the players are not about that at all. They are kneeling to express reverence at the same time they signify profound disappointment that we cannot get over the hump of racial prejudice in this country due to it’s 1/3 population of redneck baboons who are the most reviled people on earth – taught in the schools of the modern nations as the most despicable low scum on earth still trying to enforce apartheid in a land that they pretend is totally free and equitable.

  5. @ Greg: See you are still carrying that extra chromosome. Isn’t it heavy?

    @ Ray: Ask your literacy volunteer to dumb down those verses for you so that you truly understand the meaning.

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