US Mobile Cheap Wifi May Be Dead But You Can Still Connect Inflight for Just $12.30 a Month!

Last month I wrote about getting unlimited inflight wireless internet on planes equipped with either Gogo or Panasonic from $6 per month which is a whole lot cheaper than my $50 Gogo unlimited plan that works on American Airlines only.

Under the deal you’d buy one month at a time, and now US Mobile is ‘sold out’ — one suspects the deal was ‘too good to be true’ and iPass, which provided the inflight internet, cut them off (perhaps under pressure from Gogo, Panasonic, or both).

However a very similar offering is still for sale from CPH Travel Wifi (HT: Australian Business Traveler) Just change the language to English in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

This service is provided by Copenhagen Airports. Subscribe online on the website. Download their app for your phone or their desktop program for Windows or Mac.

Here’s what’s even better than the old US Mobile deal — you can buy more than one month at a time (although I suppose it’s possible that they could still lose access to inflight wifi if you do though you’d have a good argument for a refund or credit card dispute if that happened). And also unlike US mobile they offer auto renewal. And whereas US Mobile’s deal allowed connecting one device only this allows connecting three.

  • One month: DKK109.50 ($17.37)
  • Two months: DKK199 ($31.56, $15.78/mo)
  • Three months: DKK265.50 ($42.11, $14.04/mo)
  • Six months:DKK465 ($73.75, $12.29/mo)

Be sure to use a credit card that doesn’t add foreign transaction fees. They accept Visa and MasterCard only.

This doesn’t get you internet from other companies like ViaSat. As a result it doesn’t cover airlines not on the above list.

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  1. i’ve tried four credit cards but it doesn’t seem to accept any of mine. if anyone knows how to get an american card to work, lemme know!

  2. I was ever so pleased with the iPass connectivity on Lufthansa last week from Frankfurt to Denver – although Lufthansa’s WiFi is shut off once they cross into US airspace. Or at least they said it would – I never tested it, being engrossed in a movie.

  3. This is dead because of the bloggers! Ive add this for a while now. THANKS for ruining! does EVERYTHING need to go on a blog?

  4. Screw you Ryan. I got 2 months of cheap unlimited wifi with the deal thanks to Gary. Why the heck shouldn’t he share his find with us?

  5. No luck for me either. I tried US and UK cards using multiple browser types and both the DK and EN versions. Shame, it looked like a good deal.

  6. How absurd to blame bloggers. Companies are in business because they sell things and the more publicity the better (except in the unlikely event that there is a limited supply and you put yourself before others).

  7. Use virtual credit card (sign up at and use any Denmark address. Find a restaurant for a physical address.

  8. So I finally managed to get signed up with a European Visa card and address (had a Paris-based friend subscribe for me with his card and address). Got a valid user name and passport. Thought I was set to go, but NO. I’ve been on 12 flights since going active. 4 AA (GoGo) 4 DL (GoGo) 2 AS (GoGo) and 2 International AA (Panasonic). I cannot connect to a single one using the CPH app. (I even tried using an old iPass app using my new credentials since CPH says they support this too). Nothing. Sent three requests for support via the website. Got a nice acknowledgement saying I would hear from someone within 24 hours. Nada. Guess I’ll have to put in for a refund. We’ll see how (or if) they respond to that.

  9. Worked for me on Lufthansa and Etihad, I don’t think GoGo is included. It’s work checking with your airline before you fly.

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