White House Tweets Out Fake Hurricane Irma Photo of Miami Airport

The White House’s Director of Social Media tweeted out a since-deleted message on Hurricane Irma.

The problem is that’s not Miami’s airport. In fact the airport took to Twitter to disavow it.

Two things. They’re literally tweeting out fake news and saying they’re sharing it with the President and Vice President. One would hope the White House has access to better sources during such a significant emergency.

The video was actually from Mexico a week and a half earlier. The irony is rich when the current administration doesn’t know which side of The Wall they’re on.

In fairness I don’t remember the last time I saw ‘real’ ‘mainstream’ news write about air travel and use the correct photo of an aircraft. Here’s television news reporting the ‘names of the four pilots’ of Asiana 214. It was all blamed on an NTSB intern.

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  1. Absolutely outrageous that the White House would be sending out fake news and fake images. This is typical for the Trump administration. You can’t trust a word they say. Trump probably already filed a claim for damage to Mar A Lago before the storm even arrived. I can’t wait to see his tax returns so we can confirm that he and his family has been money laundering for criminal Russian Oligarchs. It’s people like Trump that help these criminals get their stolen money out of Russia and into real estate.

  2. Stop the presses!!!! This major blunder is definitely worth a blog post. Everyone should be covering it. The world is going to end!!! A White House social media guy mistakenly labeled a MEX pic as MIA!!!!!! Never before in twitter history has anyone of such significance made such a grave mistake. This is HUGE. Sure, you may initially think “so what?”, well, I’ll tell you what. It means Trump is dumb. No, he didn’t tweet the picture, but it still means Trump is dumb and a terrible president. Sure, he may be doing everything else right in this emergency but the fact that one of his people passed on a mistakenly-labeled picture on twitter and by so doing placed millions of people in life-threatening jeopardy is all you need to know about how evil and dumb the guy is. And the real scary part? The fact that many Trump-hating libs won’t realize I’m being as sarcastic as possible. One of the many symptoms of TDS.

  3. Two things. Nothing trump can do now will make him any good in most people’s eyes.

    Nothing trump can do will make him bad in some people’s eyes. There was a poll that 2 out of 5 of his supporters could think of nothing trump could do for them stop supporting it. Think of it! He could rape their daughters and they would still support him.

    Most of his supporters probably live in Florida and Texas. So let them drown.

  4. Just think of what kind of ignorant scumbag you’d have to be to still support that traitorous old white-power criminal mafia Don: that’s why his only remaining base are the 28% filthy fat racist hicks who blame their own miserable failure on hard-working immigrants and minorities they spent their whole lives trying to keep down. These are the lowest people on the planet, so low they’d still support Cheetolini even after the whole world saw film of him bragging about sexually assaulting their daughters, about how he bought the Miss Universe pageant so he could walk into the dressing room while they were changing. These immoral scumbags knew he’d robbed thousands of veterans of their life savings in his fake university but voted for him anyway, pretending to ignore that he settled their lawsuit the day after the election for $25 million. So when they puff up their 350 pounds to bully us further with how hideously fat, morbidly obese racist hicks are going to somehow Make America Great Again, join me and other war vets in kicking them to the curb and then kicking them in the teeth.

  5. You should have noted that the White House’s director of social media, Dan Scavino, is literally Trump’s former golf caddie.

  6. Would Love to see Trump drown in Flood Surge….. his Fat Rump will allow the Whale to Rise to the Top. hurricanes are devastating but Doesn’t Irma need to wreck havoc on Mar-a-lago and destroy His riches?

  7. this reminds me of obama faking a pool dip after the gulf of mexico oil disaster. and how liberal globalist establishment media swallowed this propaganda whole like a good whore.

  8. @steven k Nobody who matters follows your Trumpanzee fake news sites so keep that racist lying crap out of here along with your morbidly obese right wing stink. How does it feel that the modern nations all teach in their schools that the American right wing redneck is the stupidest creature on the planet, a destroyer of civilizations and far worse threat than any other terrorists.

  9. With all the tragedy going on I would think you could find better things to use your time to comment on if you want to discuss Florida. This pettiness is totally unnecessary and lends no value to your blog.

    Better yet, stick to travel and not politics.that’s why I and many others follow you.

  10. And the personal attacks against our president and his staff are disgusting and totally out of order. Wishing anyone to drown is heartless. Is that the type of discussion you set out to generate?!

  11. The point was that the present administration is incompetent, and Trump is the laughing stock of the world. If only he would tone down his ego, and stick to reading scripts that were written for him, then he would seem so much more presidential, instead of the clown he loves to portray. He will get respect if he earns it.

  12. Fran, trump started it with the birther movement. He is getting his comeuppance.

    The Republicans started it with Healthcare repeal and refusing to pay for Sandy relief. No one really belivea their policies are about conservatism and not about saving money and being heartless. Why is so much hostility towards them a surprise?

  13. Get over it. Get a life. You all sound like a broken records. Move on. Trump won. Now live with it like the rest of us had to do for the last 8 years.

  14. But you didn’t live nicely for the 8 years. You lived like a bunch of assholes.

    What part of you are getting back what you gave is hard for you to understand?

  15. Yes, and don’t forget. Donald Trump caused the Hurricaine! A famous actor said so and I believe all Hollywood actors are smart and only tell the truth. What, biased. Hollywood and the media. NO. Say it isn’t so.
    I am so glad that the incorrect photo was caught. Of all the stories, its the most important one to get right. Keep up the good work.

  16. It won’t be long before Trump and his family are exposed as money launderers. How do you think the criminal Russian oligarchs were able to buy so much Trump and Kushner real estate? While sanctions were in place Trump was selling Russian mafia over priced real estate so they could move their stolen money out of Russia. Just check out any Trump real estate property and over 50% is owned by Russians who aren’t even citizens. Where did all that cash come from? Notice how Trump is OK with Russian immigration? It’s only hispanics that he doesn’t like. Build the wall with Mexico is just a code word for we don’t want more Latinos. Has he ever mentioned a wall with Canada?

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