Eazy-E Actor Melts Down on Delta Flight When He Finds Someone Sitting in His First Class Seat

Jason Mitchell, the actor who played Eazy-E in Straight Outta Compton, says that Delta double booked his first class seat yesterday. And he had a meltdown.

It’s pretty wild — you see Mitchell cussing out flight attendants and the pilot. He even calls him a “pussy” and then unleashes a bunch of “f*** yous” to everyone in earshot.

In other words, the video via all knowing, all seeing TMZ, is ‘not safe for work’.

Mitchell boards and finds someone else in the seat he believes is his. He’s using the Delta mobile app and looks down and sees his seat assignment, taken by someone else. He engages another passenger sitting in the bulkhead who tells Mitchell to get off the flight, but Mitchell seems to break down almost in tears “I paid my money, I’m supposed to be right here, I’ve got s*** to do tomorrow.”

“I’ve got confirmation, I’ve got my boarding pass.” He asks another passenger, perhaps the one sitting in the seat he thinks he should have had (2C), how much he paid to sit there? (“A lot.”) Then looking for sympathy he asks how that guy would have liked to be told to sit in back?

One minute and 45 seconds into the video a flight attendant announces to the plane that police are on the way. Mitchell then apologizes, saying he’s not trying to make a scene, while continuing to make a scene.

He was detained by law enforcement “but Delta refused to press charges and he was released.”

Eazy-E was a godfather of Gangsta Rap and a part of NWA. He died of AIDS in 1995. Here were his final words to fans.

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  1. Can someone explain to me how a computer allows two people to occupy the same seat? In simple terms.

  2. How are no charges laid? Whether or not it is computer issue or whatever, airlines need to stand up to these people who disrupt flights and set an example. This crap is going to go on and on affecting passengers that just want to get to their destination.

    Get a spine Delta. Besides why can the police charge him with disrupting the peace themselves?

  3. why didnt they just ask the gate agent to verify the seats? who is this person? What is this movie? never heard of either.

  4. Gary – how come no mention of what flight it was (number, from where to where)?:)

    My guess is that the pax that took his seat was a non-rev who got the seat assignment last minute.

  5. Delta won’t press charges as they (their systems) messed up. I’m stunned police didn’t charge him with some sort of disorderly conduct. He cites the race card repeatedly AND uses the “N” word. What did he expect.
    That captain and crew then had to get their emotions and acts together and deliver a service safely.
    There’s no doubt in my mind he should have been charged unless there’s something we don’t know about – like a mental health issue (he repeats ” you’ve no idea what I’m going through”.
    Cult of celebrity allows *ssh*les like this to get away with it.
    Charge him cost of delay.
    Also ?!!! No marshal on board?
    A joke !!

  6. So…the REAL story is, this idiot MISSED his flight, Delta put him on a standby flight where everybody in first class actually showed up on time meaning he had to, God forbid, sit in ‘comfort +’ and he thought he should have the same seat that he bought on the flight he missed. What a moron.

    So Delta’s computers are racist after all. It must be some Alt-Right vast conspiracy to keep African Decentants down.
    Seriously this is no different than being allowed to overbook flights. If you paid to get into a movie but was told once you walked into the theater that it was overbooked so you’ll have to wait in line for the next showing you wouldn’t put up with that. Why is it different for airlines at the end of the day.

  8. On another blog posted that he missed his earlier flight and he was on standby for this one. Not sure if its true and if it is not sure why they would board him if there was no seat. Unless he is an idiot and thinks standby means he gets the exact same seat on his original boarding pass. Either way with the way he acted he had to go.

  9. Omg, cussing and misbehaving on the Beloved (as in We never do Amything Wrong) Delta? and based on What I read I always thought Everyone were Choir Boys or Missionaries, lmao.

  10. WHO CARES??? Every7 day more National Enquirer type junk on this site. PURE CLICK BAIT!


    This is NOT “Thought Leadership” at all.

  11. If I used the N word in that situation I’d be in jail now or at least have a massive fine. Double standards 🙁
    That said I think it’s perfectly reasonably a passenger screwed over like that by the airline makes a scene, a fuss and a delay.
    The airline doesn’t give a cr*p unless it’s losing money. If he just accepted it no one would now know that Delta screws people over like this and Delta wouldn’t have lost anything. Hopefully they lost money through the delay and will now look into avoiding this more seriously in the future. If there was no fuss and no publicity they certainly wouldn’t bother looking into stopping this practice.

    I also think he was quite restrained really and didn’t insult any passengers and tried to ensure they empathised with him. Also apologising to them as a good idea.

    I have to say if I had paid for an F or J seat and got downgraded I’d be furious and not want to fly until I got an F or J seat because I have very bad back & neck problems so need the room to change positions a lot during a flight.

  12. Classy!
    I’m a huge fan now from his Delta Video
    Never heard of this A lister prior
    Awesome award winning performance
    Cant wait for the sequel lol

  13. What a horrible display of low class behavior. There are women and children on that plane – he should not be throwing F bombs around like they’re adjectives. I’m guessing that as no one’s ever heard of him, this was his way of trying to change that. Sad behavior.

  14. @Gary – Please moderate your comments. I’m fine with you choosing to post this article, but you have got to know it’s going to bring out the worst in people, like Bob’s comment. Thanks.

  15. Missed your earlier booked flight? Careless. Got on the next one? Lucky. Didn’t get the identical seat allocation? Tough s*** ! Since this dude apparently had (important) things to do at his destination, he should have just sucked it up and sat in whatever seat was available, instead of pulling a DYKWIA stunt. Should have been kicked off for being an unruly pax.

  16. @Reese. I see your Caps Lock key is still severely malfunctioning! Could you correct this if you want anyone to read your posts?

  17. Swung in on his vine? Disgusting racist comment. Gary, you turn your site into the Enquirer and you invite the garbage comments like that.

  18. @Gary – please delete Bob’s comment. Awful. As for getting arrested, is that where we are now? Just because someone is on a plane, acts innappropriately and uses bad language they should be arrested? We don’t need a police state. He did not assault anyone – as far as I can tell. He just had a meltdown, which was probably not fun to be around.

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