Bye Bye (Blue) Birdie and Tiffany Trump’s Italian Domestic Travel Cost Over $100,000

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  1. Gary,
    I don’t recall your complaints about Marian Shields Robinson traveling on Taxpayer’s dime. Oh, I forgot, you are a hypocrite. do us all a favor and keep politics out of this. I didn’t have a problem then and I don’t have a problem with Trump’s daughter’s travel. Grow up. Geez what a child.

  2. @Alan. Well stated. This tripe is just another example of Gary’s left wing hypocrisy and advanced case of TDS.

  3. @Michel Wang – “I cannot recall anyone complained about it at all.” You’re linking to a press release complaining about it.

    What do you think my political party is?

  4. Alan,

    You got to complain vociferously for the last 8 years about presidential family members’ travel on the taxpayers dime. Over and over, complaint after complaint. Now THE EXACT SAME THING is happening with the extended Trump family and suddenly it is off-limits for discussion.

    No way, buddy. You can’t have it both ways. “Fair and balanced” means equal time and space for complaining about ALL presidential overreach.

  5. @Alan – I don’t even see much of a complaint here, I found this interesting and I noticed it had been reported. I guess I’m just not super worldly because I had to google who Marian Shields Robinson was.

  6. YOU may not have a problem with expenditures on the Trump wives and children and children and childen, but I do…and so do many Americans. And talk about hypocrites, the current White House resident no where close to the El Supremo he sees himself, but he is the Hypocrite Grande of all times.
    Marian Shields Robinson? And all they Obamas, including the underage children? They ALL made many worthwhile contributions. Tremendous value for taxpayer money
    Keeps politics out of it? YOU brought it all up, Alan. You get to be nasty, but others must refrain from commenting? To quote a recent commenter: “Geez what a child.”

  7. The prior president’s MIL lived in the WH, did not use Secret Service protection, and there doesn’t seem to by any evidence of her costing US taxpayers $100,000 per European vacation.

    The current WH occupant, however, is bankrupting the Secret Service (full year’s funding exhausted by Sep. 30) due to costs of protecting his 3 wives (ex- and current), and the assorted children resulting from each marriage. Those are facts.

    A better example of hypocrisy would be the current presiden’ts demands for total loyalty to him, while he exhibits very little loyalty to the vows he took at his inauguration… or his last three weddings.

  8. @Alan, @Michel Wang et al – this is Gary’s blog people, when you write your own blog you can say whatever you want. Let’s keep it civil and show some maturity. Thanks.

  9. I agree with @Vicki. As for @Alan and @Michael Wang – when they get out of their mothers’ beds, they can kindly go fuck themselves.

  10. So Michelle Obama taking over 30 of her daughters friends and their Mom’s and other relatives to SPAIN cost less than the above Tiffany and Mom trip..I THINK NOT>> you LIBS are so easy to judge

  11. Plus another with @Vicki

    Marla Maples and Tiffany are not the First Lady and traveling in Italy as a tourist is much different than traveling in China on a state visit.

    Grow up or STOP your childish posts @Alan, @Michel Wang

  12. The current administration is draining the country DRY!! It’s amazing only Dem’s can see that!!

  13. most presidents went back to their homes during vacation. but this obama had to go to hawaii every freaking time.
    good riddance, america’s biggest welfare queen and king.

  14. PS President Trump donates his salary to government funded programs quarterly..SO $425,000 a year –I think that covers The $100,000 trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Obama complained that over $400,000 was not enough and certainly not enough pension yearly to retire upon!!!!
    stop with the politics PLEASE

  15. Of course Jay. on $400,000 a year they paid for the 30 +++ people on the trips to china/spain etc I guess they got good hotel and !??? deals ???

  16. With all due respect to @dotti and @steven k, how about you both pull your rather small heads out of your rather large asses. First of all, come back to reality – if you’ve ever actually been here before. To say that most Presidents go home for their vacations and that Obama always wanted to go to Hawaii for his only underscores that you are a first class retard. That is where he was born and raised. That IS his home! And @Jay’s point was to send you a link proving that you, @dotti, are a liar about the Obama’s taking 30 people on vacations at government expense. But go ahead, as you fascists do, and ignore the truth, living in your own world of made up horseshit. Glad to know that WWII didn’t matter now that the fascists are openly in bed with the Commies! Hail Trump and Hail Putin!

  17. Well, when about half the country wants to kill Trump and his family and is not even shy about it, whatever expenditures for security the Secret Service deems appropriate are fine with me.

  18. Hey Allen
    what makes you think I’m a white supremacist. Because I disagree with your beliefs? This isn’t some college campus. It didn’t bother me about Obama’s mother in law going on the trips…. or are you incapable of reading. Politics needs to be out of things like this.

    Gary, you are should have never brought it up. period. end of story. Its a lightning rod.

  19. Tiffany who?? Why does an army of nobodies get their overseas travel paid for by the taxpayer? And that eye-watering figure. Seems the gravy train has very limited, deluxe seating. Oh, and before the Trump knuckleheads start blathering, just remember, in the words of another comical nazi, “no gravy for you!”

  20. I don’t like any President vacationing extravagantly on the people’s dime. That said – this is a travel tips site. Not Radar Online. And people assume you’re left wing because you continually post leftist rant stuff. Really wish you’d stop the politics here. Don’t we get enough slanted crap from CNN and Fox?

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