Woman Claims American Flight Attendant Opened Overhead Bin, Poured Wine Over Her Wedding Dress

A Rube Goldberg machine is a device that’s incredibly complicated, using a variety of chain reactions, meant to accomplish a single simple task.

The level of complexity is completely unnecessary, like with “self-operating napkin” when of course it’s easy for the majority of people to pick up a napkin and wipe your hands or mouth yourself.

Source: Collier’s September 26 1931 via Wikipedia

A woman is suing American Airlines claiming they are, in effect, a giant Rube Goldberg machine meant to ruin her wedding.

She claims that she was flying American Airlines to Montego Bay to get married, and:

  • An agent told her not to check her wedding dress in her luggage, suggesting she should carry it on and hang it in the plane’s closet instead.

  • But a flight attendant wouldn’t let her use the closet, telling her it was for employees only.

  • So she had to place it in an overhead bin. She put it in a first class bin, and went back to her seat in coach.

  • She says her dress was the only item in the garment bag, and the garment bag was the only item in the overhead bin. But…”when the flight reached Jamaica, the white gown was heavily stained with red wine”

  • Therefore flight attendants opened the overhead bin, opened her garment bag, and poured red wine in.

    The lawsuit contends Oteh and her husband, Chidi, kept an eye on the bin throughout the flight, although Oteh believed they could not enter the first-class area.

    The couple saw Masters and another attendant enter the bin at one point, then engage a third attendant in conversation.

    “It was her belief that the flight attendants were placing something in the bin and making fun of (Oteh) and her wedding gown,” the suit asserts.

This woman claims American Airlines has caused “a lifetime of damage.” She’s suing for “$75,000 each for herself and four family members on the flight, including a son who was then nine months old.” (emphasis mine)

By the way even if the wedding was ruined by the stain on the dress, and even if an American Airlines flight attendant caused the stain intentionally, she and her husband had already been married for a year. They just didn’t have the ceremony right away because… wait for it… they both waited to graduate law school first.

Of course if she had just checked the wedding dress as luggage, this would probably have happened.

If you want to wind up in the same country as your wedding outfits, don’t fly Delta Airlines. from pics

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  1. Can you imagine the flight attendant who goes to work determined to ruin someone’s wedding by refusing the exception offered by the gate to hang a wedding dress in their (private?) closet, then probably because she didn’t like the woman’s skin color poured wine on the dress to be especially mean? Who would do something so deliberately mean and nasty?

    A: A fat Trump supporter!

  2. Where did she learn that she could be entitled to make such stupid makeup story?

    A: A liberal belief camp

  3. Perhaps the same people who believe in trump’s lies?

    Provided the couple is white and adept to the nazi salute.

  4. I personally believe the woman. Women can be mean, really mean. I’ve seen and heard of women doing really, hateful , awful things to other women and people in general out of spite or sometimes just for the sake of being mean. Maybe the bride is young and pretty and the attendants not so much, jealousy can be a hate motivator. There should be a special transport option for special occasion wear available on airlines, you shouldn’t have to pay for a first class ticket to not have your dress ruined, checked luggage can be scary, especially given the price of some gowns and formal wear, gowns can run into thousands of dollars alone and the search for the “perfect gown” can send some women into a state of nervous breakdown!

  5. The amount requested in the lawsuit is a made up number designed just so that AA will aim to settle and to perhaps generate some publicity for herself.

    There are many articles out there that highlight the oversupply of lawyers and law students, and this event is just more evidence of it.

  6. Listen to the fat pig rednecks smearing the woman because they think she’s black. You can bet if they looked like one of their Faux News spokemodels (blonde bubblehead) they would be tripping over each other’s lardazzes to defend her.

    Do you rednecks get that we have no place for you in this society. You wrote yourself out when you doubled down on hate and racism instead of accepting Dr. King’s redemption. You killed him instead, just as you’re killing any chance of a future for this country with your racist trolling and electing the most hated man on planet Earth as President because he’s as fat and miserable as you.

  7. @Robert (August 18, 2017 at 11:49 am), I’m no lawyer – I honestly have no idea how she came to that amount given that she’s quantifying an abstract concept of “negligence, infliction of emotional distress and other claims” as the article linked to states. Her calculus resulted in a total of $375,000 ($75,000 per family member).

    Practically speaking I would venture to guess that she had to pick a number that was high enough to speed a settlement yet didn’t sound frivolously high enough to result in a blank throw out.

  8. Why was she putting it in first class if she was not in first class? Assuming she had permission to put it there if this actually the airline should pay every penny and the FA fired. That being said i have a hard time seeing a FA doing this unless pushed way over the edge.

  9. I googled and read several articles about this trying to get an understanding, since the linked article left me fairly confused. First, I did see several “tips for flying with a wedding dress” articles that suggested FA would allow brides to use the first class bins even if flying in coach to protect the dress (since those bins are usually less crowded; though lately, I’ve also seen FA putting regular coach bags up there in lieu of gate checking them), so that doesn’t bother me. However, a couple of the articles mentioned that the entire family got off of the aircraft, then the husband-to-be had to try to get back on because they didn’t get the dress (yet they were watching it the whole time?). I’m also confused why it took 2 years to file a lawsuit. I know most people would spend a fair amount of time trying to settle with customer service, but a full 2 years seems too long. I suspect it’s more about timing (so many high profile customer service fails by the airlines triggered (for lack of a better word) this lawsuit). It was also interesting (and confusing) that the bride did not file the lawsuit, her mother did.

    If this wedding was really so important, I’m not certain why she wouldn’t have shipped the dress separately. Keeping the dress packed in the box that the dress shop packaged it in when they sold it (from what I read, that seems to be the common practice among wedding dress sellers, I wouldn’t know as my wife is traditional and thankfully didn’t want me around while she shopped for her dress), I would have packaged it in a larger box with plenty of padding. I went on ups.com and got a quote; with $10K of insurance and declared value for customs (I misread the article and thought that was what the dress cost), shipping from Philadelphia to Montego Bay would have been <$300. The impression I got was that her grandparents owned the hotel where she was getting married, so they would have been willing, I'm sure, to hold the dress until the wedding day. Sure, she wouldn't have been able to pre-model it for all her friends on social media (apparently that's a new thing to do before the wedding too), but that, plus the $300 seems a small price compared to what she says she went through.

  10. Greg, it’s people like you who made me want to vote for Donald Trump. I’m glad I did and I’m glad he’s our president.

  11. @Gary Leff (August 18, 2017 at 4:17 pm), I think she was referring to Greg (August 18, 2017 at 11:52 am) who reminds me of those strange folks on the NYC subways who are yelling at no one in particular. 🙂

  12. Mary there’s nothing that thrills me more than to know a wretched old racist redneck hag disapproves of me so much you found the only reason to vote for the most hated man on the planet because of lil ole me. You fit no place into the modern world whatsoever except to rail against it and provide fodder for the world’s most transparent con man who promised you to bring back your jobs in the coal mines or in steel mills. He hasn’t passed a single bill (and won’t) or brought a single job back but as long as he’s got the nation’s 30% dumb-as-Mary rednecks he may last til the end of the year!

  13. Greg, Greg, oh poor Greg. Who put that chip on your shoulder little boy? You need to do your fact-checking before spouting off incorrect and defaming information. I’m with Mary. ..and am another proud Trump voter and supporters.

  14. Greg, Greg, oh poor Greg. Who put that chip on your shoulder little boy? You need to do your fact-checking before spouting off incorrect and defaming information. I’m with Mary. ..and am another proud Trump voter and supporter.

  15. It’s hard for normal people to imagine how anyone could still soil themselves in public by professing support for that flaming gasbag of donuts, but please tell us what you’ve heard that still makes you still support Cheetolini?

    It’s pAthetic to watch 500 pound racist rednecks flapping their wings to try to be a flying Trumpanzee. Sad.

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