Proposing Marriage at Airport Security

A man is considering proposing marriage at airport security and he asks the internet for advice.

We are going on a trip in a few weeks flying Delta, and I’m considering stashing the ring in my pocket. I’ll go into the metal detector first, and when the ring or ring box set off the buzzer, I’ll pull it out, turn around and drop to a knee…. I’m wondering if there is anything I should consider legality wise before hand? Any potential problems this could cause???

There’s some pushback on the idea, but he isn’t dissuaded, he just wants “input on the legality of doing so.”

Thing is, it wouldn’t be the first time someone proposed at a TSA checkpoint.

In 2008 the ring a man was taking through security to propose on a trip with his girlfriend alarmed at the checkpoint. It was in his carry on bag, there was no way to keep his intended in the dark, so he decided just to do it right then and there.

An airport screener checking Tkachuk’s carry-on luggage spotted a small box in the toe of a sock — insisted on having a closer look and pulled out a white gold, diamond and ruby ring.
Tkachuk decided to propose on the spot, and his dazed 24-year-old girlfriend said yes, as fellow travelers and security staff looked on and applauded.

TSA: Because love is in the air.

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  1. I wouldn’t recommend it
    Shouldn’t mess with TSA security
    PLUS if there’s a crowed or long lines ???
    People are antsy enough traveling..
    I recommend something on the plane ✈️ FAs pretty good about these things ….

  2. Geebus!

    Stunt proposals are designed to enforce an uninvited crowd to go “AAAWWWWW” on cue. No thanks.

    Hope the other party says no.

  3. A very dear friend of mine was proposed to at the TSA line at Dulles because that’s where they first met a couple of years before. I am pretty sure he contacted TSA first and they were cool with it. Shocking I know.

  4. Put it in yer underwear so that, when it sets off the machine, you can disrobe and show her (and them) how worthy you really are 🙂

  5. Great. This will be timed perfectly to happen right before me as I’m running late for a flight… in the Pre-Check line. And then I will be the bad guy for asking them to get moving.

    Won’t the moment be ruined anyways as he’s pulled aside for secondary screening and forced to send the ring box back through the x-ray?

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